WOW Wow wow ! Splinterlands - UNPACKING - day 12

Hello friends

Wow - i exclaimed when I opened the cards after a daily quest.
Everything went as usual - I fought with other players and made my five victories.
Frankly, I opened the cards without much hope of seeing something worthwhile.
But this time, the awards made me happy )


Four cards + an entity orb - I thought “excellent” and immediately proceeded to open the orb.
And then I even screamed - Wow 2 more gold cards per quest - cool!


If I’m so lucky today, why not open 5 packs of UNTAMED cards?

And so let's go ...


Name (Click to sort Ascending) Splinter (Click to sort Ascending) Rarity (Click to sort Ascending) Quantity (Click to sort Ascending) Burn Value (Click to sort Ascending) Price ($) (Click to sort Ascending)
The Vigilator Dragon Legendary 1 1000 3.128
Serpent of Eld (Gold) Water Rare 1 2000 1.540
Darkest Mage Death Epic 1 200 1.180
Tortisian Fighter (Gold) Water Common 1 500 0.770
Mother Khala Life Rare 1 40 0.599
Pyre Fire Rare 1 40 0.570
Sniping Narwhal (Gold) Water Common 1 500 0.490
Fire Elemental Fire Rare 2 80 0.360
Failed Summoner Earth Common 2 20 0.312
Serpent of Eld Water Rare 1 40 0.190
Shieldbearer Life Rare 1 40 0.137
Serpentine Spy Fire Common 1 10 0.112
Feasting Seaweed Water Common 1 10 0.090
Parasitic Growth Neutral Common 1 10 0.079
Goblin Thief Earth Common 1 10 0.047
Mantoid Neutral Common 1 10 0.033
Tortisian Fighter Water Common 1 10 0.033
Herbalist Life Common 1 10 0.030
Elven Defender Neutral Common 1 10 0.027
Crystal Jaguar Life Common 1 10 0.024
Horny Toad Neutral Common 1 10 0.024
Kobold Bruiser Fire Common 1 10 0.023
Magma Troll Fire Common 1 10 0.022
5 9.820 47.113 10.018 15425.699 4530 ($2.884)

Three more gold cards + 1 legendary! wow wow wow
This day brought me a lot of positive emotions, I am very pleased.

Also today I heard that on Monday the mobile version of Splinterlands will be released - this will make our game more convenient and will attract a lot of new players!

Go Splinterlands !!!

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11.02.2020 17:37

Those are some awesome pulls.

Congrats on the orb and hitting two golds in it.

14.02.2020 18:29

Thanks bro

23.02.2020 06:07