Splintertalk - $UNPACKING$ - day 10

Hi friends

Before the end of the Splinterlands season, there was 21 hours left and I reached the Diamond League 3
I will not have time to get to the brilliant 2 but I still get 40 cards, and that's great.
Next season it will be not 40 cards but less. Partially there will be cards, partly it will be DEC and potions.
Is this good or bad? I do not know - but it seems to me that this is the right step.
Loot will be completely random - I applaud it!

Before the start of my last battle this season, 1 hour was left, and I decided to open 5 packs of Untamed cards.
There are still 125 packs left in my store.
Let's move on to the cards and see what happens to us this time.

And so let's go ...





Name (Click to sort Ascending) Splinter (Click to sort Ascending) Rarity (Click to sort Ascending) Quantity (Click to sort Ascending) Burn Value (Click to sort Ascending) Price ($) (Click to sort Ascending)
Failed Summoner (Gold) Earth Common 1 500 3.700
Parasitic Growth (Gold) Neutral Common 1 500 2.740
War Chaang Neutral Epic 1 200 1.100
Wizard of Eastwood Earth Rare 1 40 0.537
Bone Golem Death Rare 2 80 0.206
Serpent of Eld Water Rare 1 40 0.135
Albatross Water Common 1 10 0.090
Magma Troll Fire Common 3 30 0.087
Herbalist Life Common 2 20 0.078
Maggots Death Common 1 10 0.068
Dark Astronomer Death Rare 1 40 0.056
Goblin Fireballer Fire Common 2 20 0.052
Lone Boatman Life Common 1 10 0.052
Tortisian Fighter Water Common 1 10 0.046
Crystal Jaguar Life Common 1 10 0.041
Sniping Narwhal Water Common 1 10 0.032
Biceratops Earth Common 1 10 0.024
Undead Badger Death Common 1 10 0.024
Giant Scorpion Death Common 1 10 0.022
Mantoid Neutral Common 1 10 0.021

I was not very happy, but I didn’t get upset - gold and legendary expensive cards can not be dropped every time.

5 9.111 55.434 10.001 13190.966 1490 ($1.027)

Changes is scheduled to go into effect on Tuesday, February 4th, at around 9 am - 12 pm EST.

What do you think of the new changes?


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