I Think I Can , I think I can

Today I am going to write about Bright Futures

This is not the Futures market but your future

What do you have planned for yourself?

What do you have planned for today? What do you have planned for tomorrow and what do you have planned for 10 years from now?

You know what they say?? If you have no plan, then you are planning to fail.

It can be very easy for us to slot into a habit of just sitting back, having a philosophy of ‘Whatever Happens Happens’ The planets will align when they are ready to align’ and if all is good then good things will happen.

Well I say what Rot

We determine the direction that we go, we cannot sit on a couch and expect things to come to us. We need to make them happen, we need to take that first step and then the second, third, fourth and so on and so on

If we sit back on our Laurels then we will get what we deserve which is pretty much zilch, nada, nothing and again nil.

So, what do you have planned for today? What do you have planned for tomorrow and what do you have planned for 10 years from now?

Know which direction you want to go and make it happen, know what you want to achieve and make it happen, know how you want it to happen and make it happen.

Don’t be afraid to take that step outside, open the door and step though, you will be surprised how many other doors present themselves to you.

Have a plan and follow the plan, go through the doors you intend to go through and make the leap into the realm of ‘I Can Do’

There will come a point of time when you can also diverge into unexpected doors and that will open a whole new chapter, but do not jump through these too soon lest you lose your way.

Years ago when I used to do mind over body meditation, one of the exercises was about concentration, the exercise was to sit in silence, allow your mind to focus on one thing and one thing only, inevitably your mind will wander, the trick is to not immediately jump back to the topic of focus, but to retrace your steps, if your mind wanders, retrace everything from that point to where it started to wander. This will allow you to actively know what causes the divergence and will actively allow you to focus better and not succumb to the triggers of distraction.

This is also the case in any business development, don’t be distracted and if you are, know at what point all the flash and glitter sucked you in, retrace your steps and get back on track.

Focus is the key to any success, and focus is the key to deliberate direction.

Following that direction is moving forwards into a brighter future

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Hey Russell, love the post. Hope people take some or all your advice.

13.09.2019 09:00

Hi @bradleyarrow, is a standard for living that has stood me in good stead :) thanks for the reply and upvote :)

13.09.2019 09:56

Great motivational post, Russel! I liked it very much!

The problem of living in the present is exactly that thing... that we are living in the present with maximum short-term plans... Including myself... Sometimes, I'm afraid to make some long-term plans because of the fear of failure...

But, you are 100% right... We HAVE TO make short-mid-long term plans!

13.09.2019 11:29

Hi @ph1102 Long term plans are great, they create a sustainability, an analogy I have here is to do with creating an artwork, ultimately every artist is afraid of the blank canvas and every artist is afraid of the perceived creation, however every artist approaches that canvas with a plan, and if the artist starts by making a mark, the canvas is no longer blank, and the real ending is just a process of mark making, and if the artists is confident and sticks to their goal, then the work will reach resolve.

14.09.2019 01:39

Too many people shoot from the hip without a plan and end up going in circles instead of moving forward.

13.09.2019 18:07

Hi @trafficinsider - thanks for the upvote and reply, yes I agree too many people just blindly jump in

14.09.2019 01:34

Wow that was really great advice @russellstockley, make a plan or you plan to fail, and follow the plan because you can do it, and keep your focus on your goals and if you diverge then retrace and adjust to not repeat any mistakes, that sounds like a great business plan and for life in general, it's awesome.

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once again @thisisawesome, thanks for your support and thanks for all the great work that you do

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14.09.2019 16:31