Cuppa Time with Russ 17th March 2020


Welcome to Cuppa Time with Russ

Watch the Video below to find out whats happening at Cup of traffic, How you can win a daily prize and who our featured member is for today

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Comments 6

I can also drink coffee all the time and fall asleep whenever I decide to do so. It is a gift.

17.03.2020 11:13

I see 5 teams under the Top Teams tab. Is that all the teams? And thanks for the espresso! Now there are 6 teams as I added mine.

17.03.2020 11:21

I can see 6 teams at the moment... :)

17.03.2020 11:27

Congratulations Kimberly @fiberfrau! There are 6 teams on Cup of Traffic!

17.03.2020 14:08

I'm not a coffee fan thought I drink it when I needed most to stay awake lol
I prefer a cup of tea :)
There's 6 teams at the moment inside Cup of Traffic

17.03.2020 15:41