SteemFoods Contest -17-| Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant!By @rupok//30% of this post payout will go to @steem.amal

Hi all my steemian friends of this community. How are you all? I hope everyone is enjoying making post here. This is a awesome community from where we can learn a lot of things about foods all around the world. Different person from different parts of the world sharing their foods recipe, restaurant review. That is amazing. Today i am going to take part in a contest name -
SteemFoods Contest -17-| Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant!

30% Post payout will go to @steem.amal

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Today i am going to share with you some street foods of our country. This are pure street foods no restaurants. They are street food hawkers.

1st street food

Location -
This is a very common and popular street food in Bangladesh. You will get nut and chickpea here. They don’t haveany menu card.
The price starts from- 5tk.

2nd street food

Location -
This is chotpoti shop. This street food is also very popular in our country.
Price starts from- 20tk.

3rd street food

Location -
This is actually street drink. This is lemon juice mixed with sugar syrup, bit salt and water. During summer time this drinks become very popular.
Price-10tk per glass.

4th street food

Location -
This is another street drinks. This is also very popular amongst low Income people. This drink made of water,powder drink and different kinds of fruit. Price-10tk per glass.

5th street food

Location -
This is another popular street food. This is called velpuri.
This is per piece -5tk.

6th street food

Location -
This is another street drinks. This is very popular and also very good for health. They use different kinds of herbal product to make this drink. They use aloe vera,chia seed to make this drink.
Price -Starts from 10tk.

7th street food

Location -
This is another popular street food in our country. This is called chola vuna. This is cooked chickpea. This old man also sells mutton chop which is very testy. I like that chop very much.
Price-Chola vuna-10tk.
Price-Mutton chop-10tk.

This is all from me. This are all pure street food in our country. You will find this kinds of food all over the country. Location link given with every picture. For better understanding all those street foods hawkers you will find them around Faridpur new Market.

Location -

Thanks for reading my post.

Special thanks to @alikoc07 sir for this superb contest.


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