Better life with steem।।The diary game।।26/02/2021

Hello all my steemian friends.How are you all.Today i am going to share my days activities.

Morning -I wake up very early in the morning to perform my fajr prayer. After completing my prayer i came to my home. Then i had a mug of hot water mixed with honey.This drinks helps to reduce fat and also helpful for digestion. I was not feeling well that's why i went to sleep again.
I woke up at 9 am.Then i brushed my teeth and have my breakfast.
Location -
I had rice fried with egg.I like this dish very much.Then i had a cup of tea.

Location -
In the morning a cup of tea will give you energy. Then i went to a nearby shop for recharging my bkash account.

Location -
This shop is adjacent to my house.
After coming back from shop i take my phone and entered in my steemit account. I browse for some time. I read posts from different person.I leaned a lot of things from their posts.Specially post from @rex-sumon,@toufiq777 and @tarpan.I also checked that my account was verified or not.But there was no good news for me.During this process i spent a lot of time.It was almost afternoon.
Afternoon -
I went for my juhr prayer. After completing my prayer i came to home and i had my launch. My wife cooked one of my favorite dish today.It was hotchpotch along with chicken curry.

Location -
The food was very tasty.
Then i went to sleep.After waking up from sleep i went for asr prayer. I came back after prayer and had a cup of tea.Then i went to my roof. I watered our flower plants.

Location -
I love to take care of them some time. Then i chatted with my wife.In the meant time i heard ajan and i went the mosque for my prayer. After completing my preyer i came back and had some light refreshment.

Again i started browsing steemit to learn more.After my isha prayer i made a post in @steem-bangladesh.After having my dinner i start my the diary game post.After completing the post i will go to bed for sleep.Thanks to all for visiting my post.

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