My town in 10pics।।Faridpur

Hi friends how are you all?
I am fine, i hope all of you
are also fine.
Today is Saturday-27/02/2021.
Today in this post i am going to share 10 pictures of my city with you.All the pictures taken by my mobile camera.Though i am not a professional photographer, still i captured some photos for steemit activities. Hope you enjoy this post.

1st picture -

Location -
A hawker is selling clothes on footpath. This is a common scenario in Bangladesh. They occupy most of the place of footpath. As a result people can't walk easily.

2nd picture -

Location -
Inauguration ceremony of a barber shop.A very useful place for all.

3rd picture -

Location -
This is a sweet shop.Different kinds of sweets they sell.They are famous for their reshmi jilapi.

4th picture -

Location -
This place is called moira potty.This place is famous for low budget sweets.

5th picture -

Location -
You will get Faridpurs one of the best sour yogurt here.I know this shop from my childhood.

6th picture -

Location -
This is a child school. Very adjacent to my house. I have decided to send my baby in that school.

7th picture -

Location -
This is our local confectionery. This is just besides the school.

8th picture -

Location -
A car parked in front of my house.

9th picture -

Location -
Beautiful pictures of rose from my roof garden.

10th picture -

Location -
This is a herbal medicine shop.Now people doesn’t depend on herbal medicine. Herbal medicine lost it’s popularity. Once a lot of people used herbal medicine for their health issue.

That's all from me.Hope to see you in the next post. I hope you enjoyed my post.Maintain social distance and stay safe.

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