Runkod v0.2 brings project redirection and faster file transfers up to 6x

We are very excited to announce new release of Runkod. Grateful for support and feedback from our community. We have been working on each feedback and prioritizing them with our internal list of features. In this post, we will present some of our recent changes, which we are proud of. We think, you will love the changes. ### Project redirection This new feature allows redirection between projects. So you as a developer and creator can now easily setup redirection within your project. Very convenient way to implement root domain->www redirection or other domain redirect you can think of. ### New file transfer interface Improvements on file transfers. We have enhanced file transfer system, which is essential part of Runkod. Allowing anyone to host website in decentralized manner and file transfers should be as fast and as easy as possible. In our tests, we could see that file uploads became faster 6x! The video below demonstrates how fast it works.
### What's New in Runkod 0.2 - **New** Project redirection. - **Improved** Faster file transfers on manager console. - **Improved** Better mime type detection on client side. - **Improved** Settings window visual improvements. - **Improved** Home page visual improvements. - **Improved** Starter project. - **Fixed** Login bug. - **Fixed** Empty file upload bug. ---- ## Host your project with Runkod! ## Be part of great people who are decentralizing the web! ## Contact us:

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28.01.2020 19:31