Is Hate Speech allowed as a product of Free Speech?

We are putting together a Free Speech Manifesto, that we will build all our Social Network Platforms too, making the Manifesto the underlying set of rules that each Platform will uphold.

At first, I considered hate speech as something that should be banned, but that simply thought of banning hate speech, was in fact censorship, because it was my opinion on my definition of Hate Speech.

This is now creating some issues in my small brain as there are things I know I would not like to see or hear, but as I thought about it, its not an act of Free Speech to suppress Hate Speech, but more a personal Responsibility I had to myself to steer away from content that I would deem hateful

Just because I hate the Color Pink (I dont really), then I have the right to comment on Pink Products and denounce them for being Pink, even though it his Hate Speech.

The issue then falls back to Responsibility and what it entails.

If my comments created a loss of sales for someone selling Pink Products and it can be proved by simple drop in sales at the time I made that comment, then I should be Responsible for the downturn in sales.

Then, what about the shop selling Pink Products.

Unless its stated in their TOS, I may be within my rights based on the Rules as stated by the Shop.

The Shop would have to have a Rule about Comments and when they remove comments.

The more I think About it, Free Speech and Responsibility are separate issues, yet are entwined in their own specific way.

Since I started thinking about Hate Speech having the same rights to exists as Non Hate Speech, then I personally do agree that Hate Speech is also Free Speech.

My Responsibility as a person must come in play, if my Hate Speech directly impacts on another person, but what if it directly impacts on a Group?

Personally I would draw the line at groups, because they are made up of Individuals and each one would need to prove the harm I have caused, because collectively, some would be less impacted than others.

This is a tough one and thats why I am trying to get a goup of people to discuss this on our Discord...

Feel free to comment on this post r better yet, o to our Discord and lets debate this issue

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