How do we Reward those that Donate? Shares of Course!

We have been doing some initial discussions amongst a small group to work out how to Reward people who donate to the Platform Project. We have also worked out how we will fund, create and manage the Platforms the the Project will build and the solution has turned out to be a lot simpler and will most definitely be a big reward for anyone helping the project.

Every Token will have an initial value of $1.00 USD which may rise and may fall in the short term.

As the Platforms gain Traction, the Platforms will be worth more in value and the ONLY way that a company can buy the Platform, is if the Community sells it, as they will be holding all the shares. Of course, before any Token is Sold, the Community will have had lengthy discussions on how the Platforms are manned and managed. The Platforms that will have Alternatives built are as follows:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google Search
  • Twitch
  • Gmail
  • Central Community Hub for the Platforms and Tokens.
Each Platform will release 25 Million Tokens + 1 Million Reserved Reserved Tokens are held for the founders, as they will relinquish all ownership and will hand over everything to the Community, via the Central Community Hub. As each Platform reaches its Goal amount of 25 Million Tokens Sold, the Community will be asked to begin setting up the rules for each Platform in terms of managements, staff, salaries etc. Then as a Platform reaches its Goal, everything that involves that particular Platform is handed over 100% to the Community to run, who have also put in place the rules, salaries and "other" for the handover to take place. The Central Community Hub will be the place for everyone to go, to view the Projects, costs, issues and anything else related to the platform and all with Complete Transparency. To this end, we have created Tiers on our Patreon with each Tier being Limited Numbers and we will use the initial funding to get the Project Started... But, each Tier will also give those who subscribe an extra Reward, which we will discuss on our Discord. Our Patreon is at

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