What's the Best Steemit Mobile Posting App These Days?

So I'm back on Steemit having been gone a few years. I remember back in the day there was an Instagram like App called SteepShot which was cool for posting pics. I think I recall using eSteem which doesn't appear to be around, and also Partiko. It's been a while, many of the Steemit posting Apps on the Android store don't have good reviews or don't have reviews and others are new and I haven't heard of them.

Also, refresh my memory, I only want to enter a private key into an app unless it uses SteemConnect to login?

Would appreciate it if someone could let me know the best mobile app as well as how to safely use it. Thanks guys!

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Everything sort of left for HIVE but some people still post through Appics but there have been issues with images. I mainly post through Ecency which is what eSteem was which goes to the HIVE blockchain and then I copy and paste that later to STEEM through Steemit.com.

I still have a version of Steem Keychain as a browser plugin that takes care of some of the key stuff here for me.

01.03.2021 21:43

That's one of my beefs with the crypto space, there's so much to keep track of. I watched your buying Steem video and it reminded me of DTube so I was like okay cool I'll post on DTube, I used to be able to login with Steemit, now you seemingly need a DTube account but I'm confused of the relationship between my Steemit Login DTube account and my DTube login DTube account and if they're the same or different or I need to link them. This was last night at midnight so I admittedly didn't dig too deep. I've heard you talking about Hive so that's another thing I'll have to dive into. So much to keep up with lol

01.03.2021 22:35

Yeah it is really confusing to be honest and one of the reasons I went into STEEM is because I understood the relationship between the STEEM backed Dollar and STEEM and the fact that the power down is 30 days now. But I could still get burned if suddenly LTC and ETH run harder than STEEM and I don't earn hardly anything or if the SBD crashes. It was worth the chance though I felt.

HIVE is a fork of STEEM so whatever you had in STEEM showed up over on HIVE with the same keys. Same thing for BLURT.....you likely have an account on Blurt but the price was getting beat up so bad it might not be worth much.

Then with DTube they are on their own Blockchain called the Avalon blockchain now and it is a different key system. You can set it up so that when you embed a YouTube video on DTube it will post it on STEEM and HIVE at the same time as well. Also another thing to look out for is you can post with LeoFinance which is on the HIVE chain and earn LEO and HIVE and then copy that same post over to STEEM. That is what I do when I type a post out.

So here is the general flow.

VIDEO: Upload to YouTube and then embed that link in on DTube which blows it out to STEEM and HIVE automatically.
WRITTEN POST: Type it on LEO Finance and it automatically blows it to HIVE as well and then I copy that code and put it on STEEM.

02.03.2021 05:56