Thoughts on Cub Finance 27 Days In

So I've been playing around with Cub Finance aka CubDefi.Com for 27 days now and I figured I'd reflect and share some thoughts on it. I first heard about it from my dude @brianphobos and quickly figured out how to get on there, I'd previously been confused by Pancake Swap but had wanted to get involved in the space.


Began playing around in the Dens and was impressed with the APR and how quickly coins were multiplying and sold off some other cryptos to go a bit heavier into the space. Played around with the Farms but think I'll stick to the dens due to not fully comprehending this impermanent loss concept or how I'd track that.

For a few weeks I continued compounding the Cub earned and continued to stack it. The price of Cub actually tanked for a few days or a week or so as people pulled out as APR dropped but it quickly stabilized somewhere around $2 give or take and quickly rebounded to something like $4.60, though the rate has since come down around the $4 mark.


I'm happy with my Cub Den and plan on taking daily profits and DCA'ing into some other coins like CAKE, LTC, BNB and have been thinking about getting into some more platform plays like the Crypto.Com CRO Coin or the Voyager Coin.


So far really enjoying Cub Finance. It's piqued my interest playing around in here so I've been exploring other new sites with high APR's, but I figure it's probably better to not get crazy and run all over the place chasing APR's and maybe losing out so figure I'll stick to a couple like Pancake and Cub. Thus far however really enjoying Cub Finance and the platform with the bridge launching soon as well.

Have you played around on these or other sites? What's your experience been? Any others you'd recommend?

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