Powering Down My Steemit Account To Go Into Cub Finance & Pancake Swap

I'd been hearing about Pancake Swap for a number of weeks but was intimidated to get started. Eventually I was turned onto Cub Finance and decided to hop in. I found the process of moving BNB to Trust Wallet, Converting to BNB Smart Chain Coins, and Trading those on Cub Finance for Cubs to be pretty straightforward and easy and have been enjoying the gains. So with a bit of experience under my belt I decided to venture into the Syrup Pools

While the names of many of these exchanges are fun and silly ie Pancake Swap, Syrup Pool, Sushi Swap, it also has to sound ridiculous to outsiders or normies explaining to them that were doing some serious investing over here in the Syrup Pool, I was describing it to a buddy the other day and he looked at me like I was smoking crack.

I since got started on Pancake Swap and thus far the strategy has been when Pancake Swap surges use some of the daily earnings to go into Cub, and when Cub surges take some of those daily gains to go into Pancake Swap.

I'm also planning on Powering Down my Steemit account. While Steem and SBD have picked up a bit recently, I just don't see the platform or the coins really going anywhere or doing anything and with Ethereum deadlines consistently getting pushed back I see both of these projects are going to continue to surge.

I don't really keep up with Steemit and it's been years since I was truly active on there so I don't recall how long it takes to Power Down, I wanna say like 13 weeks or something like that, does that sound right? Hopefully I can Power Down and move some of this money over before Cake, BNB, and Cub really moon.

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4 week power down now

10.04.2021 16:10

Yeah like Dave said it is 4 weeks now and I'm at least doing the 2 power down cycles and securing my investment. Also I got on Goose Finance as well. https://www.goosedefi.com/nests

But yeah between AutoFarm, CubFinance, Pancake Swap, and Goose Finance you can really employ a lot of strategies to secure the bags.

I have started moving more and more into stable coins and then just earning coins off those and stacking more and more.

11.04.2021 06:02