It's a Big Club and You're Not in it NFT

Any George Carlin fans out there? One of George Carlin's most famous lines was "It's a Big Club, and you're not in it" This quote or line basically describes how for most of us Americans we buy into this show being put on by Politicians and the Elite. The show is that left hates right, dems hate republicans, etc, but in reality, they're all doing business together, they're all giving jobs to each others families, and they're all gathering having a gay old time at parties. The divide is a show being put on for us and to divide us.

For those who haven't heard this phrase or aren't familiar with George Carlin you can check out a brief clip here...

This NFT piggybacks on that idea, but features Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the buff, exposed, and on a backdrop which reads things like "Bribe", "Crime", and "Corruption".

What do you think?

Here's the NFT there's 10 Available

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