I Bought Some Street Art With Litecoin - Funny Story About Artist Accepting It

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So I just got back from Florida. One night was hanging down by a Kratom Bar listening to some live music and a dude rolls up on an electric skateboard. He asks if he can show us his art, I'm with my gf, and a friend of mine. We say what the heck and he starts pulling out some artwork. He says he does a pay what you want model which is cool but which I also hate as I don't want to offend or insult someone, I don't know how much time he put into it or what it's worth.

We're chatting for a bit and I get on the topic of Crypto and also NFT's as he does some nice art. He tells me he doesn't want to enrich corporations, true artist right, though at the same time he does accept CashApp. I kinda explain to him he's enriching Jack Dorsey, Visa, Mastercard, and a Parent Bank as well as Venture Capitalists by accepting CashApp so it's kind of silly he doesn't want crypto. I asked him if he had an Instagram he said he prefers to sell his art face to face. I do think that's kinda cool having a connection with everyone who buys a piece.

Anyhow, after some prompting him on what he'd like to make for a piece etc we agree on $25 as it's print and not an original, I'd have paid more for an original. I ask again will he take crypto, he tells me he has CashApp and that's kinda crypto. I explain to him it's not and offer to pay in Litecoin. After a little banter about how he's not enriching corporations with Litecoin, or at least much less so than with CashApp he initially reluctantly agrees to take it. I help him setup a Trust Wallet and pay him and he seemed impressed by the ease of the transaction ie me scanning a QR code and payment arriving quick as opposed to having to exchange CashApp names or phone numbers.

I even showed him the WeNano app as there's a decent amount of Nano Spots around St Pete and Tampa ie the area we were in. It was cool to bring someone new on board, but even cooler to dispel some myths that somehow crypto is enriching a corporation where as he didn't think twice about accepting a CashApp payment.

Anyhow, that's my story.

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