music : twisted - the lost files : MrMalice - Convergence (original)

MrMalice - convergence (Twisted - the lost files, original), by MrMalice (= alleycat = me), early 2000s, fruityloops

One that got lost in the great harddrive crash, which as i still and will consider was during my 'golden' period for music, the samples just meshed themselves ... seriously needs clipping, but as i also already said, i never bothered with that b/c barring me, my gf and a few friends who came over (more like a lot back then, but not all of them into digi-music), no one ever heard any of it. It would probably still sit on the harddrive if it weren for the two crud-tokens whos name shall not be mentioned anymore so here it is, for free, for yow-ass

CCby4.0 or something similar i suppose, that goes for all of them, unless someone wants to offer me a million dollar deal for 20 year old stuff :)

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i liked the ending, it's cool well done :))

08.08.2019 15:57