My diary game 20/05/2021

Hello steemians, hope we all had a great day. As for me my day was wanderful thought ghost town.
I woke up in the morning at 6:15am with greet joy in my heart as it's my birthday and a public holiday. I reacieved my first call wishing me a happy birthday. I told my aunt's and she immediately gave me jus to share for all of us to drink (3) I kept it on the table. I swept the house and brush my teeth while my aunt was preparing fresh cornchaff. I was so happy because it's been long I ate such. At about 8:40 am food was ready

After eating, I brought the bottle of jus and we all drank
Thanks God for doing all this because it was a ghost town and nothing else to do. After eating, I went out and washed my uniform to prepare for work the next day.
After washing the dresses, I took some work I brought from the office to complete it so that I will be able to forward it to the delegation on Friday. At 2:50 pm I was through with the work. I felt sleepy and took a siesta. I woke up at 4:15pm and was feeling really weak. We sat in the palour and we're discussing. My cousin went to the kitchen and warm food. My fresh cornchaff hhhhmmmm very sweet. We finally went to bed at 9:50 pm with a well fulfilled day.
Thanks for reading

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