Contest Entry; Express Your Day In 5 Photos

Hello to everyone,

This is actually my second participation in the world of photography contests, I had a good feeling about this competition so I said to myself; why not try this one too out.

This photos are my activities for today.

On a Tuesday where I went to town.

boarding a keke(tricycle) to go to town

this was taken during the ride

when I was crossing the road

upon arriving in town I crossed the road to go to a nearby store to get a replacement for my old laptop charger.

the first store I visited store

This was actually the first store I visited but to my disappointment they did not have what I was looking for.


the last store I visited

Upon arriving at the last store i was already disappointed but to my delight they had what I was looking for.

the pictures were all taken with my phone

My appreciation to @wo-photography for this contest; this is my entry for the contest.

Thank You.

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