Picked Up Some New, Rare Minerals Today For Nagoya Show 3/1

First of all, ya I know, doing a gem and mineral show in Nagoya on March 1. Corona virus is in Japan and it's going to spread, but unlike China we are aware, taking a lot of precautions and just staying safe.

Having said that, here are some of the minerals I picked up today to bring to the show.

First up Painite. I did a post about Painite a two years ago here: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@rt395/mineral-mondays-20-painite .
This is my first Painite so I think I'm gonna hold on to this one. When a better one comes along then I'll think about letting this one go.

Next up, Ferroaxinite. It's a new mineral I wasn't familiar with. Understand there are over 5,000 minerals with new ones being discovered every day. It forms rectangular blades that are transparent brown.

And still one of my favorites, Lazulite w/fluprapatite, siderite, childrenite, & kulanite. Each one alone rare, all of them combined, RARER!IMG_5522.JPG

Spessartine garnet. I picked up several of these because they are so picturesque.

Smokey quartz twin. This one has smaller smokeys attached to it and yellow crystals I have not identified yet. Stunning in person.

Another quartz, this one with ferroaxinite & epidote.

Augite, a rare mineral from Oregon. I bought a small bag of these crystals.

And several more of each species which I didn't take pictures of yet. Say a prayer Corona-chan stays the fuck away from Japan. My wife and I are making emergency plans to evacuate Tokyo if it starts to get worse. Until then, the Gem show must go on!

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Fantastic collection!
Stay safe, this virus is spreading so quickly.

14.02.2020 04:53

Thanks @nelinoeva. Yes, the virus just won't stop, but like I mentioned, I think since everyone is aware it can be slowed down. Spring and summer's higher temperatures will help too.

14.02.2020 05:22

That Lazulite combo stone is insane!!!

14.02.2020 15:57

It really is despite my piss poor photos. The vendor I get it from just got in a huge shipment. 6 months ago they only had a few pieces. So it seems the miners have found a good vein. I say this because the area it comes from is up in the Yukon and the only way in and out is via helicopter.

15.02.2020 00:24

Hi, thanks for the post! I included a link to it in my daily Science and technology digest, and you'll get a 10% share of that post's rewards.

15.02.2020 21:42

Thanks. Re-steemed!

15.02.2020 21:53