General strike in Paris against Macron's plans to reduce retirement benefits

Protesters begin gathering at Gare de L'Est as French transport, schools and other public services face mass disruption when unions launch a general strike against President Emmanuel Macron's plans to reduce retirement benefits.

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Comments 1

I see that all these corrupt so-called leaders met at buckingham palace recently, I saw puppet trudeau, macron, and other low-lifes, who gathered together to scheme how to maintain control over us all. These people are destroying our lives here and many people are suffering.

We need to understand how we frame and word news stories. These people in Paris are Freedom Fighters, Revolution Starters. Mainstream is not picking up on this story. I just received a news paper from my area giving away a trip to Paris for Christmas, wtf, are people really that in the dark here about what is going on? Unfortunately, yes, because mainstream does not want to let the word out that as @freebornangel says "The World is on Fire." We are starting to see massive social movements worldwide here against the corruption.

05.12.2019 18:47