What You Have Learned From Steem - Week IV Contest - "Winning The Highest Upvote Is Tough, But You Have To Be Brave!"



HELLO, all! I will write for this great contest. Hopefully I can share what I know about Steemit here.

When asked by people, what do you know about Steemit? And what are the benefits of steemit for yourself?

Okay, well, I'll answer it: that I get better benefits inclusively and realistically when I have a steemit account, and earn income from steemit. And it will make me even more excited to change my life in the future. Because in essence, everyone would want to be successful and rich. But, at least through this Steemit, everyone will smile every day.

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a Steem Blockchain, or also known as a platform that generates crypto money, which is called STEEM, and this currency can be exchanged or traded in the crypto marketing world.

Well, here maybe those of you who have just registered for a Steemit account may ask, how does Steemit work to make it easy to earn income?

Of course you will easily earn income, with a little hard work, and you also have to read a lot about the news that is always published on the homepage, and you also have to read a lot of posts about #promo-steem, or about posting notifications about steemit which are always published by @steemitblog. Or for those of you who are newcomers, you should read a lot about the promotional steem activities initiated by @stephenkendal. And there are many more about other knowledge so that you can get income from steemit, what is even easier is that you have to participate a lot or participate in the form of contests held in various communities.

So, how do you use this steemit?

As a new user, at first I didn't know much about this steemit. However, because I read a lot and pay attention to details about Steemit, I spent 2 weeks really getting to know Steemit, without a teacher, Just imagine I have to read a lot of articles about Steemit and I'm almost dizzy to understand one by one about the system and this Steemit performance. So I will explain a little to you how to use Steemit, to my knowledge, okay?

I will give a little example, if you (new users) want to write in this contest, it's very easy.

  • First you search for the Beauty Of Creativity Community, and subscribe, then click on the "post" column above.


  • Second, you will enter the screen display as below.


  • Then after you write on the blog, then you can easily press the "post" button at the bottom of the blog that you have set up.

And it will be very easy for you to learn it. So after you finish posting. Immediately, don't forget to say a prayer to be given a high upvote from your post. So here I will explain in more detail according to my abilities below, friend.

Use of steemit.

Steemit is not the same as "facebook, instagram, twitter," or any other social media. At Steemit, if you get too many Upvotes from people who have a large SP, then we will easily get a high dollar value, later when the prize is claimed 7 days after the end of the posting, then we will get the results of the post which are prizes in the form of: SBD, STEEM POWER (SP) and Tron (TRX).

So after the prize is claimed, the prize will automatically go to Wallet. So in each wallet, we will be able to see and use the needs of each of us in the contents of our wallets. Other people's wallets can also be seen in a transparent manner, it's just that you can't use or fake the contents of other people's wallets. Because Steemit has a sophisticated transparency and security system and is also very detailed.

Now, after we know a lot about how to use it, then you must also use a system about steemit progress on each user account, but that is not recommended, to peek at other people's privacy. But if it's needed, then feel free to try it.

You will be able to see various information about the privacy of each user. Of course you can also see your own steemit performance structure in detail at steemd.com or at steemworld.org, and customize the link with your own account name, for example:

And there is one more thing that I know about Steemit, and this is also one thing that is very important in my opinion, namely Steemit also has a "bot system" which can work automatically to tag account names that we will "upvote" automatically, and you can also follow the "curation trail" there. Then you have to log in using your post key or your steemit active key at: steemdb.online


You can access steemdb.online directly through the search bar on Google. That will make it very easy for you to know about Steemit and how it works.

Well, that's all I can write about what I know about this steemit. And I keep learning about steemit. I read a lot, so of course I'll know a lot. And that is the key to success for what we want.

Indeed, there are many obstacles when getting the upvote from the pope, but the most important thing is the fighting spirit that must not be faded. Right, buddy? 🤭👌

As a new user, of course I have to learn more about this Steem Blockchain. I will always track the progress of steemit via @steemitblog, and various ways about @stephenkendal's struggles in promoting steem.

Of course here, I would like to say hello to MOD Mr @abduhawab and Admin Mr @blacks, for making this great contest and I know you are always doing a good and honest job. I noticed that this community is well developed.

Hopefully this Beauty Of Creativity community will become a bigger community, and will always get support from Booming and Steemcurator.

By @roxxen

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