So is this how it works?

Dirt spots _DSC6818.jpeg

You get a good job, career and work hard


make money. Be smart and invest wisely


spend thousands of dollars on computer and camera gear because you like it


then post here and there for nothing or a few pennies at best. Then don't complain when your gear is destroyed by weather. Just buy more. just spend more and more and more. Yes. it's true I didn't get a good career or a good job. I played in bands. I went to school and got a degree in drawing painting. People would hear that and look at me like I was idiot. They're right of course. Only the best and brightest and most outgoing make it in that. I'm not that at all. so it's worn out camera and dirt spots. Can't afford photo shop. Don't know how to use it anyway. it's the most counter intuitive anti creation thing I have ever seen in my life but it's the "standard" so don't fight it. ok. bye now.

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