Learn how to lose weight fast and tasty.


Dear @steemit community, our body, unfortunately, quickly gets used to overeating. He likes to accumulate. The hunger hormone, ghrelin, begins to indicate satiety only 20-30 minutes after the start of the meal. And if from Monday to Friday we simply don't have time to sit for half an hour eating five times a day, then on weekends the feeding process becomes almost continuous. The caloric content and salinity of holiday dishes also turn over.

Today I have compiled advice from experts that are effective on how to get fit quickly without tearing the body: Cheating the body

Cheat the Body:

If immediately after gluttony you put yourself on a fierce diet, the body will take it as a punishment and, instead of losing weight, it will begin to accumulate fat more than ever. Therefore, for the "transition" period a menu of products with a low glycemic index is recommended, but a sufficient amount of protein: this is how we "cheat" the body, replacing tasty calorie-rich foods with equally tasty foods but healthy The optimal set of such products includes lean meat, low-fat dairy products, citrus fruits, fresh or stewed vegetables. But it is better to reject white bread and white rice at least temporarily: these products are not rich in the most useful fast carbohydrates and have a high glycemic index. With a low glycemic index, carbohydrates are slowly processed into glucose, and the feeling of fullness seems more complete.

To lose two or three kilos in 10 days, and at the same time not to torment yourself with disorderly and tasteless porridge, something like this is suitable:

Breakfast: Low-fat milk or yogurt (1.5-2.5%) with sugar-free oatmeal, a sandwich of a piece of whole-grain bread with low-fat cheese. In addition to an orange or a glass of orange juice.

Lunch: A serving of lean beef, veal or chicken (150-200 grams) with brown or wild rice, buckwheat or a slice of whole wheat bread. Or fish in tomato sauce with vegetables.

Dinner: Stewed or baked turkey or chicken breast with vegetables, some durum wheat pasta. And a vegetable salad with feta cheese and herbs.

Eat foods that reduce appetite:

Nutritionists advise that during the period of weight loss, foods that reduce appetite and are very tasty are consumed.

First of all, common TOMATOES are found, due to their potassium and magnesium content, they help the brain receive satiety signals faster and keep appetite under control.

In the second place, BASIL, thanks to special enzymes, helps control the amount of fat consumed. Therefore, it is very good to add it, for example, in dishes with lamb, chicken legs (they have three times more fat than in the breast); There is a greater chance that you will not eat too much.

Third, the PINEAPPLE that contains the enzyme bromelain, which not only reduces appetite, but also helps faster fat breakdown. It is better to eat a circle of this fruit as an appetizer before dinner.

Control salt consumption:

In fact, most of the weight we gain during the holidays is water, not fat. Too many salty treats, too little movement, too much alcohol, and here the water-salt balance is disturbed, the liquid begins to stay in the body. But drinking uncontrolled diuretic medications can be unsafe: there is a risk of disrupting the body's electrolyte balance and complicating the work of the heart.

It is safer to get rid of excess liquid that will help products with a diuretic effect:

- Cranberry fruit juice: Preferably not purchased, but made from frozen berries: per liter of water and half a glass of cranberry, boil, cook for 10 minutes, cool, squeeze the berries.

- Black tea with milk.

- Pomegranate: eat half of the average fruit per day or half a glass of juice.

- Asparagus: contains the substance asparagine, which stimulates the kidneys.

- Celery: its amino acids help remove excess fluid from subcutaneous tissue.

- Brussels sprouts.

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