Honey and its Benefits.

Honey is obtained from the nectar of flowers of honey plants, which enters the goitre of working bees; while under the influence of saliva, part of cane sugar is converted into grape sugar, the main component of honey; Bees burp this honey and place it in special cells in honeycombs, which are sealed with wax lids, after part of the water has evaporated and when the bee releases some formic acid from its poison bag (to avoid fermentation of honey).


We should know that we have different varieties of honey are different and useful for treatment. You can learn about this from ancient manuscripts that describe the characteristics of many varieties of honey and recommendations for using honey to treat various diseases, as well as ancient doctors.

Honey has a plant origin, is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, PP, K, E, pantothenic acid, folic acid) and contains more than 300 trace elements (manganese, silicon, aluminum, boron, chromium , copper, lithium, nickel, lead, tin, zinc, osmium and others), which significantly accelerate the metabolic reactions that occur in the body.

The combination of trace elements is very close to the content of trace elements in human blood. Honey is a combination of simple sugars (glucose, fructose), a small dose of toxins (pollen) and water.

Honey contains 60 times more vitamin A than beef. Honey also contains organic acids (malic, tartaric, citric, lactic and oxalic), biogenic stimulants (which positively affect the body, activating its vital functions).

The human body absorbs 100% honey, which cannot be said about other products. Honey is not only a carbohydrate energy product, but also a therapeutic and prophylactic agent that strengthens and rejuvenates the body.

Honey improves immunity, has a bactericidal effect, has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect, has analgesic and restorative properties, and has a pronounced antiallergic effect.

In folk medicine for colds, honey has been used for a long time. Honey reduces an acute and annoying cough, relieves pain with arthritis. Honey has a calming effect on the stomach. Honey also helps older people maintain good health.

Recommendation to buy high quality natural honey:

- Honey must be purchased in stores where veterinary control is carried out on its quality, if the seller has documents confirming its quality.
- Freshly extracted honey does not drain from the spoon when it is turned, but when it drips it is downhill.
- In October, all natural honey, as a rule, should crystallize. The exception is white acacia honey with white acacia, which has a slight crystallization.
- When verifying with the organoleptic method (observation), you should know that the honey must have a uniform consistency, have the right aroma and aroma.
- It is preferable to buy honey from the manufacturer and not from the reseller.

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