Aphrodisiacs for women.


The existence of special foods that can make the sex life of both sexes brighter and richer has been known since time immemorial.

Aphrodisiacs are substances that can increase sexual desire. Studies have shown that the use of such foods improves blood circulation, improves metabolism, accelerates heartbeats and increases the susceptibility of erogenous zones. In addition, these products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients, which not only support a woman's immunity, but also help her body fight the first signs of aging.

And the high content of vitamins B, C and K in them also contributes to the loss of excess weight. As a result, health improves, hormone levels normalize and testosterone levels increase. But it is precisely in this hormone that the level of libido depends.

For women with low libido, it is recommended to add nuts, cereals and lean meats to the diet first. The fact is that these products contain zinc and magnesium. The first is indispensable for the normal functioning of the nervous system. In addition, it improves mood and promotes the production of sex hormones and helps fight stress and increases immunity.

We must not forget a sufficient amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. After all, this is not only a vitamin depot, but also a source of fiber. And it improves digestion and gently cleanses the body. As a result, women's well-being improves and, again, the hormonal background is normalized.

In addition, it is important that women with low libido ensure that a sufficient amount of vitamin B is ingested. It is found in blue fish, dairy products, potatoes and legumes. And its lack leads to depression and a decrease in immunity.

Chili is a seasoning made from any variety of this pepper, a special aphrodisiac that improves the sensitivity of erogenous areas.

Nutmeg significantly increases women's sexual desire.

Avocado has essential fatty acids, vitamin E and potassium. Upon entering the body, they improve blood circulation and the production of sex hormones and have a stronger effect on women.

Celery contains the male sex hormone androsterone, which is exciting for women. And all because it stands out for men with sweat when excited, which attracts fair sex.

Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that promotes the production of enzymes, which improves the circulation of the pelvis, which causes excitement. Ginger and garlic root. They have a similar effect.

Dark chocolate not only helps increase libido, but also the production of happiness hormones, which, of course, has an intimate proximity.

Almonds affect women in an exciting way with their smell. In addition, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which significantly increase the level of testosterone in a man's body. Therefore, this nut is perfect for both sexes.

Algae contain almost the entire periodic table, as well as a series of vitamins, including group B. By including them in your diet, a woman can restore her strength and improve her well-being.

Factors that decrease libido in women.

- Stress and lack of sleep: they deplete the nervous system, cause chronic fatigue and a deaf desire.
- Smoking: negatively affects any body, but also leads to the loss of vitamins C, E and A, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
- Caffeine: reduces testosterone levels, killing libido. In addition, in many women, it causes a violation of the menstrual cycle and the appearance of a series of gynecological diseases that are a consequence of this.
- Alcohol: its action is similar to that of caffeine.
- Excessively fatty and salty foods, as well as sweet and fried foods. After such lunch or dinner, any aphrodisiac will be simply helpless.

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