Talk About Your Hobby | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 05

When talking about hobbies, I was reminded of the craft I run as a hobby as well as a small business.

From an early age, I was fascinated by various designs and my favourite thing to do was to create birthday cards and other greeting cards.


Although I did not get involved in crafting with education, I had the opportunity to do crafting again after entering the college for my Higher Education.


That is with the creation of invitations for the talent show we held at the college in 2018. Then I had the opportunity to create greeting cards and invitations for various events at the college.


From an early age, I had a passion for creating birthday cards for my family members and friends. Later, due to my desire to create these greeting cards, I was inspired to create new designs by getting various ideas through youtube and the internet.

Because of the collection of greeting cards that I created as a hobby in college, my friends used to make greeting cards by me.

So creating greeting cards became a part of my daily routine. Then I went beyond greeting cards to design explosion boxes, gift boxes, flower bouquets, etc.


I am currently involved in handcrafts as a hobby as well as a small business. These greeting cards and flower arrangements were very important to me, especially for my mental satisfaction and even when my mind was unbalanced.

No matter how many work duties I have, I never forget to make greeting cards or other creations as a hobby in the meantime.

Thank you for reading❤

Cc: @steemcurator01

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very beautiful cards..good entry

31.03.2021 02:39

Thank you so much🤗

31.03.2021 04:01

They are wonderful roshi!! Both your creative mind and hands are great. I really love them. 🤗

31.03.2021 05:45

Aneee..As always, your words strengthen me and make me happy🤗. Lv ur words prasadi❤️❤️

31.03.2021 05:50

wow 😍. I am wordless. they are sooooooo beautiful 💖.

31.03.2021 09:03

Thank u sooo much dr🥰🥰❤️❤️

31.03.2021 09:53

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31.03.2021 09:58

Hey, your greeting cards and gift boxes look amazing.. I've put a lot of effort and time for it.. keep it up..

Good Luck with the contest

Thank you so much for your participation. This is entry No.32

31.03.2021 13:19

Thank you @sandun98🧡

04.04.2021 02:52

This is really very skillful hobby, Love you all great works.

31.03.2021 17:34

Thank you so much my friend 💓🤗🤗🤗

04.04.2021 02:51

Nice creativity😋

03.04.2021 02:03

Thank u 💓

04.04.2021 02:52