Steps to create quality content in DraftCreate / promote on your social networks correctly/6 quality publications will be chosen each week


At DraftCrearte we continue to bet on the creative development of our members. As the founder of this community, I am proud to see the growth in such a short time. Every day more users join who feel free to create inspire others. This is good!

To bring a harmony of content in the DraftCrearte feed and thus achieve greater visibility inside and outside of Steemit, it is necessary that our creative content creators follow certain publication parameters.

What to post on Draftcrearte?

Feel free to express your talent by creating original content, art and creativity are our niche, that is why we accept art in any of its expressions. Photography, writing, hand painting, crafts, recycling, digital design, watercolor, illustrations; among others. Show us what you love to do!

Pulication structure

One element that helps a lot to make quality content is having a predetermined structure in the publications.

Our content creators must make their publications within the category:

DIY/ Tutorials. This is the publication format that we accept in Draftcrearte

They are articles that aim to explain how to do something new, teach a skill, workshops, step by step. You can include photos and / or videos.

  1. The title:It should start: DraftCrearte: (title).
    It should not be that long, it should contain keywords. (create, learn, use, how to do it, steps to ..., elaborate)
  2. Content: Give an introduction first and then a numbered and well explained step-by-step (good spelling). Simple and irregular posts have little chance of being compatible.
  3. Photographs: It Is one of the most important aspects that we will take into account when choosing quality publications.
  • The first will be the final result of your art, then photos of the step by step and finally, a selfie with your art (in this photo he must hold a sign with his username and the name DraftCrearte.).

    Take care of every detail since the photos will be the letter of presentation of your art, good lighting, clean funds, light projection, visual harmony. You should invest time in projecting your photographs, that attract the attention.

    Photo editing: If the photographs are to show a manual art (recycling, painting ...) you can use simple filters that highlight the colors of your art, give focus and light for a better visual appreciation. We will not allow vignetted photo designs, frames, or stickers.

    • If your art is graphic design and / or photo editing, you can use any design program of your choice. (you must always sign your design with your username and date).
    .Cal to action: At the end of your publication you must make a call to action highlighted by inserting the community link Draftcreearte.

    Example:Join steemit and DraftCrearte create quality content and earn Steem
    5.*Tags: you must use the appropriate tags for your quality posts #steemexclusive #exclusive-draftcreararte
    6.Promotyour post on social media:


    At the end of your publication you will find the links that direct you to different social networks, if the social network that you frequent is not found, you can copy the link of the post.

    Use the tags for your promotion #steem #steemit #draftcrearte

    Take a screenshot and leave it in the comments of your post.



    General rules

    • Make exclusive publications for #DraftCrearte, this means that if we have publications on other blockchains we should not bring them to the community. This includes communities within Steemit.
    • When publishing, first place the photo with the final result of your creation, then the step by step and lastly your selfie with the art.*
    • In the case of digital creations, the ideal would be to show the step by step through captures to observe the way in which the art develops, explanatory videos are also valid.
    • it.
    • It is accepted to writePlagiarism is not accepted.
      any lan that you make art with your own imagination learning techniques that allow you to make your own strokes.
    • It is accepted to write in the language you want.
    • Publish from the #DraftCrearte community and place in the first two tags of your publication #steemexclusive #exclusive-draftcrearte.

    We choose 6 quality publications each week that will receive rewards on Steem for their work, plus the possibility of being voted by @steemcurator01

    10% of this publication will go directly to the @crearte account


    Are you new and would like to join the community? Visit the following post for more details.

    Links to support our DraftCrearte community via SP.

    50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP

    Social Media:
    Facebook [Instagram]( image.pngam](


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19.05.2021 19:57

Excelente ,post. Aclara muchas dudas con respecto a la publicación en DraftCrearte. Te deseo muchos éxitos y bendiciones..🌟

19.05.2021 20:23

Me encanto este post en particular porque ayuda a muchos nuevos usuarios a entender como funciona la plataforma y la comunidad.

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Excelente para los que van comenzando y también para guiarse con las reglas de la comunidad.
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20.05.2021 02:49

Excelente es de mucha ayuda 👍

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Muy buena publicación, es una guíe perfecta

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Que buena iniciativa ala de permitir mostrar nuestros talentos y lo mejor es que pueden ser recompensados... A ponernos a trabajar y a crear contenido valioso.

20.05.2021 10:28

Gracias por aclarar las dudas, de esta manera quedan aun mas claras las reglas.

20.05.2021 11:11

Me encanta este post, es una excelente ayuda

20.05.2021 12:18

Excelente explicación, así todos tendremos armonía en las publicaciones y una misma dirección.

20.05.2021 14:00

Hola amigos de Draft Crearte, Hola @roseri! Es un gusto leerte y ver todo el empeño que ejecutas para que las cosas marchen bien en la comunidad, es muy gratificante leer cada párrafo de éstas instrucciones, espero que todo sea mucho más exitoso en un futuro cercano. Abrazos

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Hola! Gracias a Dios pude traducir. Agradezco muchísimo que hayas redactado este post, es de suma importancia para los que deseamos compartir en la comunidad.

10.06.2021 17:26

Muy buena explicación del paso a paso para crear contenidos en la comunidad. Me anima mucho a participar .

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Excelente guía, muchas gracias por compartirla. Saludos

05.08.2021 13:34

Excelente explicacion, Exitos para todos

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Muy claro y al grano.
Me encantan las cosas serias explicadas de forma sencilla.
Muchas gracias, @roseri

11.08.2021 19:25

Es muy importante esta información, sobre todo para todo aquellos que estamos entrando a formar parte de esta hermosa plataforma.

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Excelente información . nos sirve de gran ayuda y aprendizaje

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