Going to Province to Celebrate life and it's beauty

Going to the Province to celebrate my Grandfather's 91st birthday, to celebrate life. Together with the family gather this day to give surprises for our grandfather.


Upon going to the province we passed by this city and I was so amazed with the scenario, peacefully beautiful like its place away from the busy city and busy people. So relaxing and refreshing


On our way getting close to my grandparents house. So excited for getting that close because its not every month we see each other, it take a year or two. It was a nice visit.


We're here! Taken photos with the happy and surprised celebrant. Smiling with tears and great smile from the clan is most wonderful sight for everybody.


Here's my baby enjoying the papaya tree of his size. Struggling so hard and happily to reach the fruit with a smile.


Here's our boy's enjoying looking for guavas anywhere, coconut tree, spider's and everything they could see and was distracted for picture perfectly captured with the nice view. They're my cousins of often see each other living different places as we grow old.

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