Pick Up Typing Skill and Earn TPC tokens | A Fun Game App just launched

Improving Typing Skill & Earn

Today, I found out from @tykee the founder of the TypeEarn App whereby you can pick up your typing skills and earn at the same time. The idea of rewarding people to pick up a skill is really motivating. I can tell that he and his team has put a lot of thoughts into creating this platform to help people truly speed up their typing.

This is something that all bloggers can make uuse of so that they can blog faster and create posts much more efficiently without being hampered by slow typing.

I tried this out right away and I want to give a little review and promotion on this innovative app.

This app is almost like a game app that I used to play before where we type letters as letters fall down. But this one, is better as you need to type full words which is what we usually do when we type.

And I can forsee that you can compete on this game app with others as the app matures by the weeks.

How to Get Started?

A. Sign into TypeEarn Platform

  • Click onto the following link: https://typeearn.com
  • You want to earn, so sign in with your Steemit account.

That is exactly what I did and once you sign in, you are ready to go.


  • Here you will have your username
  • Your current earning
  • Your TPC (TypeEarnCoin) in Steem Engine
  • Your Typing Power

Right now, mine are all "0" because I am just starting.

As you earn, you will be able to withdraw to SE and also post on Steem if you wish.

B. Go to Home


When you hit the "home' tab, you have 2 options to click on:

  1. Start Earning
  2. Practice

Before you start earning, click on the Practice tab to find out where the challenges are so that you can get ready for the 'Earning' part.

C. Practice

Once you are on the practice page, there are 3 areas you need to pay attention to:


  • the area boxed in red are the words that you need to focus on
  • the 1st red arrow there is where you put your cursor in to start typing what you see in the red box
  • the 2nd red arrow is the 'preview' that shows what you have typed

Neat eh?

As a first timer coming here, I find this app very straight forward and very easy to use right away.

D. What I like about the app

I tried out the practice, and find this a lot f fun.

  1. I li like the fact it has a timer

I remember back in school when we learned typing, we had to time ourselves. With this timer going, you actually see how many minutes have go

  1. It also has the traffic light to get you ready:


Once you start, the traffic light goes off the page.

  1. The The monitor your typing

When your words are typed correctly, the wormonitor the accuracy of your typtypyeearn3b.png

  • you see the green words in the panel
  • you also see the correct words typed in the Preview section

When you type in the wrong letters, the words turn red!


  • as you can see, 'coming-sides', I only typed 'coming-side'
  • I wanted to continue on with the next word and didn't have a spacing
  • So I need to go back to type in the 's' and then do a spacing to make those words correct.

This is how the game is played.


A s# A s the Improvement of this app

I like to make a suggestion to the team in improving the app.

When we start doing the typing, the words actually turn 'yellow' like this:


The yellow actually is telling you that you are still typing the letters of the words and have not completed yet.

What I find difficult is that the 'yellow' color is too faint. I actually have to guess what the word is. If this is a narrative, I will have no problem guessing the word. But these are isolated words by themselves, so it is difficult to guess what the words are.

My suggestion is to make the color 'dark and deep yellow', so that we can see the words.

This will take out some of the frustrations of guessing the wrong word and typing the wrong letters.

Stay tuned for Part 2 Review

So far, this is just Part 1 of my Review as I want don't want to make this too long.

I know the team is doinew as I don't wathis app a great fun learning game for everyone.

Try out this app and make your suggestions and the team with also reward you with their TPC tokens.

Wishing @tykee and his team a great success,


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Thanks for this sweet review. It's indeed an interesting thing to improve typing skills and earn at a go.


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I am pretty good in typing but I am not the best. Such a nice platform and I am going to try it out. This is best one because it helps to improve typing which is needed for all of us as we are in content creation and better typing will save our time. You have a shared fantastic review of the platform and anyone can understand easily. Thanks @rosatravels

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Thanks for the informative post @rosatravels!

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I am not bad at typing using my two fingers.
This is really progressing the real use case of this blockchain.

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