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It is common knowledge that the blockchain is a technology that has infinite potential thanks to its characteristics such as transparency, security, anonymity, decentralization, etc.. All these characteristics have made this technology to be praised despite its short life.

Hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs and visionaries have used the blockchain platform to solve many of the problems that currently overwhelm us both inside and outside the internet, the problem with this is that most have not been able to see beyond that problem and have created specific solutions that despite being efficient because of the lack of cohesion and this has led to a new problem within the platform: hundreds of strings and platforms independent of each other, this is very problematic for companies as they would need to hire different platforms for their different needs and the same happens with common users like many of us, we need a platform to store and transfer data, another to create applications, one more to create our own website, and so on. Due to this, the growth and integration of blockchain technology in all environments has not reached the speed it should have.


Very soon the blockchain technology will have a much more general adoption around the world and these small mishaps mentioned above will be much more noticeable, Mr Long Wong and Mr Alvin Reyes have realized this and have launched a platform that integrates all the solutions that most platforms offer separately:, this cutting-edge platform has the ability to become one of the preferred solutions chosen by most companies, developers, programmers and everyone in general, then I will tell you many more details about this platform and the technology behind it and the technology behind it, then I will tell you many more details about this platform and the technology behind it:


ProximaX is a next-generation flexible platform which allows users to develop applications (Dapps) in different programming languages, different decentralized solutions that can be used both in the personal and commercial, the project ProximaX offers a variety of possible uses thanks to the different basic services offered, including: KYC processes, transmission and playback of videos, metadata, IoT, robotics, file management and exchange, management and logistics of the supply chain, creation of social platforms, games, registration and information system, legal services, etc... All this gives us to understand that the use of the ProximaX platform is only limited by our imagination.

ProximaX can offer this vast amount of services thanks to the fact that its system is composed of different sub-components which have their own ecosystem, what keeps together and in harmony these different sub-components is the Sirius chain which is the backbone of the platform.


*Scalability: With the help of ProximaX users can transmit and / or store large amounts of data, likewise transactions are made within the blockchain in a secure and transparent.

  • Cost Savings: The ProximaX platform combines blockchain technology with other technologies to facilitate the work of users, especially developers, since it allows them to save time when creating applications and because of this reduces the cost of creating different applications.
  • Easy to implement: ProximaX SDKs and APIs are available in a wide variety of programming languages, allowing programmers to develop applications faster and more efficiently.
  • Speed: The ProximaX platform makes use of P2P technology which provides evident speed and efficiency of data transfer.
  • Security: The platform has a distributed architecture that protects it from any attack to your system.
  • Configurability: The ProximaX platform can be configured according to the needs of users and companies that use it, within the platform can be found both a public environment (without permission) and private (with permission), the environment with permission is more oriented to the business needs of companies.
  • Transparency: ProximaX is committed to ensuring the complete security of all data stored in it, all data are encrypted and as an addition have a time stamp.
  • Flexibility: Developers can create applications that work both inside and outside ProximaX.
  • Total Availability: ProximaX uses integrated and distributed accounting technology (IaDLT) so that the time of activity of companies is available at all times.


As I mentioned before within the blockchain there are many services that offer a specific and limited solution, be it security, storage, transaction speed, etc. These types of services are especially problematic for companies and developers as they force them to use different services for their projects and this results in greater consumption of time and money to develop such projects, This is where Sirius ProximaX comes into action which is the backbone of the ProximaX project, Sirios ProximaX is responsible for recording all actions and transactions that occur within the different ecosystems of ProximaX services within and outside the chain.


The Sirius chain uses a set of blockchain consensus algorithms such as POS (Proof of Stake) and POG (Proof of Greed) these two consensuses have different advantages that increase the efficiency of the Sirius chain. The POS system allows antiquity and wealth to have a primordial factor in the reputation system of the different nodes in terms of transaction validation, while the POG system manages to guarantee that none of the nodes is too ambitious to accept transactions with high rates in relation to the time so that the distribution of incentives and/or responsibilities can be together in the participating nodes and the network can be more secure and efficient.



Sirius Estorage

Data storage is one of the main features of the Sirius chain. The most outstanding feature of this service is the efficiency and reliability due to its exclusive Distributed File Management System (DFMS) which allows the storage of binary data in a selection of P2P devices that are hosted by different owners randomly selected by the consensus system.

Sirius ProximaX with the intention of ensuring the best performance of storage services has established the following nodes:

  • Acceptors: are responsible for providing reliable information and file propagation to replicators and end users.
  • Replicators: Responsible for replicating and storing files.
    Verifiers: These are the nodes in charge of accurately verifying the availability of storage and also replaces faulty nodes.

Sirius SuperContracts

Contracts normally implemented within the blockchain are immutable, this means that the code and address of a contract cannot be modified in any way, and this is a problem for users. Another drawback is that contracts stored within a chain can be expanded and this reduces the speed of a network. To solve this problem the contracts are stored in Sirius Storage, this way the contract code can be easily used and modified.

Sirius Streaming

Another service of Sirius ProximaX is Sirius Straming, this allows users to make videos in an anonymous and secure, this layer comprises two parts:

  • Live Streaming: This uses a set of nodes that distribute and replicate video data streams in real time to different viewers in a secure manner.
  • Storage Transmission: Here Sirius Storage is used as the starting point of the action, the data that is transmitted to the different viewers is pre-recorded and will exit from storage nodes that are selected to transmit.

Sirius Database

This is an external platform that uses a document-based storage called MongoDBcon and which is supported by tendermint which is a consensus algorithm, this database can act independently or interact with the public ProximaX network.


Users, especially developers who want to build or integrate their own services whether centralized or decentralized can within the ProximaX platform can do so thanks to the API REST and SDK, for this the platform has the following functions:

  • Account: The account is a pair of keys that can be a private key or a public key, anyone who owns the private key has total control over the account.
  • Namespace: This will be the name that represents the domain of the Dapp or company, this name will remain as unique within the platform.
  • Mosaic: This is a form of fixed asset in ProximaX which allows developers to create a native token or can also have a more specialized use as a vote, reward, and so on.
  • Metadata: This is a form of data that is pre-built, this can be achieved through the creation of a data set file to predefined objects within Sirius Chain and is used for applications that are dependent on third party services.
  • SuperContracts: This is one of the most versatile options offered by the platform, developers can make use of contracts predefined by the platform or they can use custom contracts that best fit their needs.
  • Multilevel Signature: This is a function that creates multilevel agreements within the platform, this can be an agreement created between several parties that share an account within the platform.
  • Transactions between strings: This is used to switch assets between two Sirius strings.

*Aggregate Transactions: This function combines a number of transactions in one batch of transactions.


Within the blockchain is essential the implementation of tokens in the different projects that are managed as this has a direct impact on how the project is kept at a good rate of growth and development, it is also important as it is an excellent way to encourage and motivate users and businesses to keep the network interface in motion and get benefits in the process, The token used by ProximaX is the XPX, this as is common in different networks is used by users to use the services offered by the ProximaX platform.

Within the ProximaX token ecosystem there are two types of tokens: Internal and External.

Internal Tokens:

  • ProximaX Native Token (XPX): This is the token that keeps the blockchain layer of the platform alive and powerful as well as being used to pay for different services and is also used as an incentive to consumers.
  • Personalized Token: These are the tokens created to give a characteristic currency to the Dapps created by the developers within the platform.
  • Service Units: Service units can be obtained through an internal exchange of the platform and the payment method is XPX, can be used for super contracts as well as for basic services offered by ProximaX, think of it as SteemPower, the SP within steem we get through an exchange for STEEM (Steemit native currency) to use the functions and services offered by steemit.

Types of Service Units:

  • Storage Units (SO) - A unit represents 1 GB stored per month.
  • Transmission Drives (SM) - A drive represents 1 GB transmitted between users.
  • Supercontract Units (SC) - A unit represents an executed supercontract code.
  • Revision Units (RW) - A unit represents 1 XPX value of paid content.
  • External Tokens: These are composed of the different fiduciary currencies and cryptocurrencies that are accepted as payment for the purchase of XPX.


For a better user experience and greater convenience the ProximaX project launched its mobile wallet within which you can manage different ProximaX accounts from the comfort of your mobile phone, you can also receive and send XPX to other users via QR code.


Advantages of ProximaX Mobile Wallet

  • You can manage different accounts
  • Encrypted messages
  • You can view the most recent transactions
  • Total privacy
  • Without Advertising
  • You can view all your account information
    *Multiple Signature Transaction Signature

Benefits of using ProximaX over other Blockchain Infrastructures

Increasingly blockchain technology is being integrated into our daily lives and little by little many more people are becoming interested in the blockchain and the benefits it brings, but among the things that slow down and create resistance to change among people is that there are too many applications and platforms within the blockchain and each of them fulfills a very specific function in general, there is a great lack of cohesion within the platforms and this causes people who are just entering the world of blockchain to become confused and tend to become a little discouraged by the idea of learning about blockchain, or at least this has happened to some hahaha relatives (don't be discouraged).

ProximaX can be the platform that makes the difference and make people step forward and give you the opportunity that the blockchain technology deserves, ProximaX is one of the most complete and functional platforms within the ecosystem, people especially new people can do anything they want with it, from simply storing or transferring data in a safe way, record and transmit videos to be the next stars of the internet, create their own websites where you can sell or publish your opinions on different topics anonymously, even if you are an amateur programmer you can create great games and applications, literally you can do everything within ProximaX without using another platform, but if you have already used a different chain you can migrate your application to ProximaX without problems.

What is the benefit of having all the necessary tools to develop any type of project in one place?

For the developers it is of vital importance to have at their disposal the different tools they need when creating and designing an application, a web project, a game, etc. In this way the development of them will be done in a much more efficient and fast, but currently having everything you need within a single platform is something very difficult to achieve, usually the options are limited and this causes a challenge for developers, this is one of the main reasons why different projects take so long to get on the air and that when they do, they are not at their maximum potential and have to be constantly updated, ProximaX takes this weight off the developers thanks to the high range of functions and features offered by the platform, thanks to that the only thing that limits the developers is their imagination.

Case of use 1

Mavis is an entrepreneur who has a website where she sells wine created by her, the product is very good and gradually gains quite popularity, this makes orders and transactions increase more and more to the point where it begins to have problems with the speed of transactions because the page collapses frequently due to it and this causes you to lose many orders, Mavis begins to lose money and receive negative comments due to the failure of orders by customers, she is quite heartbroken and sadly tells his friend Razor about this, he recommends her to use blockchain technology to solve this problem and tells her to try the ProximaX platform to create an improved website and much more efficient.

Mavis begins to learn to use the Platform with the help of his friend Razor and in this way creates a completely new website with new features that greatly increase the efficiency in orders, transactions, product shipments and even makes a video to help with the advertising of the same, now the Mavis website has grown enormously and has had to hire employees and its wine has become famous among the finest social circles and there is no restaurant that does not have it in their menu of drinks.

Case of use 2

José Antonio is a young addict to video games since he was very young, this impelled him to study a programming career in the university, inside the university a friend sees him publishing in Facebook from his cell phone and encourages him to try Steemit and in this way José Antonio discovers little by little the world of blockchain and becomes a steemian, time later while he reads publications of his favorite profiles is taken with a publication of Roronoa7 where he talks about how great is the ProximaX platform and the advantages and comforts it has for application developers, Jose Antonio is encouraged to try the platform and begins to develop a game that he had in mind for a long time, thanks to ProximaX Jose Antonio manages to develop and launch his own game with his own native token in very little time and this becomes very popular within the university and among his friends within Steemit (Steemmonsters Beware you have competition).


As you can see ProximaX is a quite complete platform, it contains all the indispensable tools for companies, developers and common users like us, this is a great innovation that is not found elsewhere within the blockchain also has a fairly airtight security and all this in an easy to use interface, if you have innovative ideas for a new game, a social platform that offers options that do not have the existing ones, if you want to improve the logistics and management of your company ProximaX is your ideal platform. ONLY THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!


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