My 2020: Just A Normal Day: [Making Sex Comics Day 30/100.]

This is a picture of Alice, from Through the Looking Glass -- and my rendition of the Mad Hatter.

Here's a speedpaint for you to look through, capturing the work I accomplished for today:

Today, I wanted to set up two indicating storylines within the 9 page storyboard that I'm creating for Chapter 4.
We basically have Alice approaching the house of the Mad Hatter and March Hare, with a bit of japanese influenced background design for the landscape and the house.

Sometime or the day before, I decided that the teapots ought to include phallic cream spouts.

I also spent a fair amount of time sketching out a couple of different iterations of the Hare and Hatter, until I found a design that worked for me.

Once the designs were completed, I needed to breathe some life into them -- so I had them occupying themselves as one might within a tea party that has gone on for far too long, and dropped into madness.

Alice's arrival is a big ordeal -- and is something which breaks them out of their daily mundane existence. Some sort of fulfillment of destiny promised. This is about where I was in the story when I began work this morning:


Today, painted the hatter and hare approaching Alice and becoming very interested in her Vorpal Dildo, as well as sharing the Queen of Hearts Card, indicating Alice's upcoming interaction with the Queen.

I want Alice to not be called Alice until the definitive moment in the Chapter 5 Trial Climax.

I want her to be called Mary Ann, and I want everyone in Wonderland to know that Mary Ann OUGHT to belong to the Queen -- and that the Vorpal Dildo is meant to Slay the Jabberwock.

The Hatter and Hare will find this humorous and fascinating, because The Jabberwock is a tattoo on the side of the Queen's Labia Majora.

Maybe It's well known that the Red Queen's vagina is the Jabberwock, and the White Queen's vagina is nicknamed Bandersnatch?

I think it's more likely that none really know about the details of the name of the queen's sex until the revealing moment in the Trial, when Alice approaches the stand.

So, it seems likely that there will be two narratives that are brought about here in Chapter 4.

1) The Hatter will tell a story about how everyone in Wonderland must pay their respects to the Queen of Hearts, and imply that Mary Ann ought to just know that the Queen will be expecting her, for certain loving rituals taking place in the court.

2) The Hare will tell a myth about the Vorpal Dildo, as it's meant to Slay the Jabberwock. But, this ought to be somewhat confusing, sort of like -- how could a dildo be as effective as a sword, in slaying some fearsome monster. No answers to come here, but shoudl provide some sort of mythic underpinnings, Some hero's journey of arthurean proportions.

A Hero, plunging the Vorpal's Piercing Light into the Gaping Maw of the Jabberwock.

I think that's enough information to get me to the end of Chapter 4.

I anticipate that the scene will descend into a lustful threesome, as it ought to, but in between each of the scenes, the two narratives described above will be sort of infodumped on alice.

The chapter will end with the arrival of the Queen of Hearts discovering "Mary Ann" covered in cum, and embarassed by how appeasing both the Hatter and Hare are to the Queen -- immediately abandoning Alice to ingratiate themselves to the queen's temperament.

It's too late.

Off with her Head.


Today, while I worked, I listened to Neil Gaiman on the BBC.


Tonight, I'll close up my day in the panda planner, and tomorrow I'll get on with visually depicting the sort of narratives that I explored in this post here.

There will not be enough pages within my 9 page storyboard format, which is fine, because in order to fulfill my obligations to my most recent kickstarter backers, I'll need to produce 64 pages worth of storyboards.

Given that 6x9 is 54, I'll need to do another 10 pages worth of storyboards -- so I'll probably do another 9 pages of storyboards for the mythic re-iteration of the Vorpal Dildo v. the Draconic representation of the Jabberwock.

However, in order to preserve my intentions mentioned above, I'll meld the two into an extended chapter 4, which contains both the tea party, and the mythic story retelling.

For humor's sake, the story will be punctuated by sex scenes back at the tea party.

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