Let's Make a Graphic Novel: Page 3

"Let's Make a Graphic Novel" is a #daily series that I've been working on during the course of my Alice in Wonderland Graphic Novel Project.

The project started off with a Skillshare Course, where I went over the outline and project planning process in a half hour, detailed course.

After that I realized that I ought to do my best to use Youtube as an accompaniment to that course, and you all have been responding positively to those videos here on Steemit.

In this page, we've got the White Rabbit emerging after making her big splash, and then confronting Alice about her overdue date with the Queen of Hearts.

Some of my "Let's Make a Graphic Novel" videos are going to have detailed lectures associated with them -- explanations as to what I'm doing, and why -- and others, like this one are just going to be speedpaint documentation of the process.

The speedpaints, I've opted to make around 5 minutes, because that's just about long enough to hold someone's attention, and any faster than that, and you really have a difficult time getting a hold of what's happening with the painting.

There is another format that has worked before for others on Youtube where the speedpaint is going, and then the topic of discussion is more broad and "life of an artist" related, or "information about some relevant tangent" type thing.

I'll try to pay attention to the upvotes, comments, as well as the views on youtube to determine which sort of video is most compelling -- provides the most value to people.


Also -- I wanted to share this link with you all :


That's a link to my current Kickstarter campaign. People can support the project and have me design a main character from Alice in Wonderland for them -- which will appear in my graphic novel project. These backers will also receive custom designed stickers as a thank you.

So far, The Queen of Hearts and Dinah [Alice's Cat] have been sponsored.

Currently, the Mad Hatter and March Hare, The Caterpillar, and the Cheshire Cat are available -- so if you've got a special love for any of those characters, and would like to design how they will look in my Graphic Novel, that opportunity is available for the next couple of days.


Here's the Skillshare course link -- in the event that you'd like to access that outline course and follow along:
https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/rootdraws [2 months free]

And while I will be sharing all of the SFW artwork here in process videos, the actual comic itself will be backer and patron only. The least expensive way to access my work is to become a $3 / month patron.

Patrons get access to all of my work past present future.

Steemit will get access to as much content as I can share and still have a viable business model -- because this platform has been a treat, and I like how you all respond well to educational and in depth art posts -- and that's the sort of social media outreach that I would rather be doing anyways.

More to come - Thanks for reading and enjoying the videos.


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