Insightful Comic Outline Instruction - [and Day 32 Project Update.]

The Queen of Hearts arrives, and ruins a perfectly good Tea Party.

I just finished chapter 4 of my storyboard, meaning we're now at 36/64 pages of the storyboard project.


Here's a Speedpaint for you: [NSFW Art in link.]

I'm actually pretty proud of myself.

Chapter 5 is up next -- which will be the initiation and fulfillment of the Trial by the Queen of Hearts.

It's pretty story intensive, the conclusion of the project.

We have to go from "OFF WITH HER HEAD" into a slut shaming trial, with various witnesses [all of the characters that interacted with Alice] -- and then onto a sort of climax where Alice takes the Vorpal Dildo and slays the Jabberwock.

And then we need to have some Alice on Queen of Hearts Cuddling.

And then we need to gracefully transition back into the world.


If you'd like some interesting bit of information in how I structure / do things here. I'll share this outline deconstruction method with you:

  • Slut Shaming Trial
  • Witnesses
  • Climax - Slays the Jabberwock
  • Cuddle
  • Into the Real World.

That's 6 more key items to execute.

That means that if I am aiming for 9 pages per chapter, and I want to close in two more chapters -- that each of those will be 3 pages long.

Not bad.

So, Off with her head 3 pages.
1) Queen Arrives.
2) Informs Alice is a Slut.

Slut Shaming Trial 3 pages:
1) Ah ah ah, MY QUEEN, A trial!
2) Very well.
3) A rush to assemble a trial, and THEN OFF WITH HER HEAD!

Witnesses: [problem here is it misses out on the alice x mushroom scene near the caterpillar. An extra page is needed.]
1) White Rabbit
2) Caterpillar and Mushroom Forest.
3) Cheshire Cat

[I can address this issue by moving MH^2 into the next section -- so that their action is providing Alice with the Vorpal Dildo that was left on the table during the tea party, ostensibly, while they are being interrogated as witnesses.]

Alice Slays the Jabberwock!
1) MH^2 -- Mad hatter has the Vorpal Dildo behind his back in front of the queen.
2) Alice: "STOP CALLING ME MARY ANN!" - Siezes Dildo.
3) Rushes to the stand and Dickslaps the queen

Cuddling x3 pages -- actually a sex scene.
[Another problem here -- need more sex scenes, so I'm replacing cuddling with a 3 page sex scene where alice fucks the Queen of Hearts with the Vorpal Dildo, and the queen orgasms.]

Into the Real World:
1) Cuddling can go here
2) Must have a farewell page here. with weird transition panel into dream state.
3) Wake up, disappointed, still has the vorpal dildo -- move forth with confidence.


Maybe that little stream of consciousness outline exercise will help you out. I'm going to go ahead and copy it down into a format, and then share with you. You'll see how 9 pages are useful per chapter, due to the limitations of painting in photoshop, while not having too many pages open at once, but still maintaining a consistent structure.



After these pages are completed, I'll have 10 additional pages to create in order to meet my goal for the initial backers who supported my project on Kickstarter [Link to completed Campaign Here]

I promised my backers to make 64 pages of storyboard. and 6x9 is 54 pages. Which means I'll have to distribute the additional 10 pages throughout each of the chapters.

Which means for example, if I wanted to interject an additional page for the transfer of dimensions, instead of just a panel, or if I wanted to interject another page during the MH^2 witness scene for comic relief -- I could do that.

Those wouldn't be 'critical to the story' but adding those pages in those places, might improve the overall quality experience of the project.

When those 10 pages have been distributed, I'll be done with my 64 color page storyboard obligation, and I will be able to fulfill my kickstarter promises, and initiate the first of three episodic releases.


These episodic releases I will use a similar method as described above to expand the pages to 25 per episode [2 chapters of storyboard to an episode -- which means approximately +4 interjected pages per episode after the storyboard has been completed. And a repainting to refine images and include backgrounds, and text bubbles, and text.]

Each of these will be kickstarted -- March April and May, and during each month there will be an opportunity for backers to increase the page count by contributing to the campaign. So, the final page count could be anywhere from 75 to 90.


The objective is to crowdfund the print run in June.


If this is interesting to you and you want to learn more about my outlining structure, I made this class a few months ago on Skillshare: [2 months free referral link]

There's a half hour course on there where I go into a bit more detail -- though I don't exactly cover this stuff above in the course, so there's not really any overlap.

You can also become my patron if you want to check out the full storyboard, and gain access to each episode I release in the most affordable way.

I'm pleased to continue to share process work here on Steemit, cause It's nice to get rewards, and sharing like this also helps me organize my thoughts and such. My current business model relies on exclusivity to Patrons and Backers -- so unless your a patron or a backer, It's unlikely you'll get access to the actual comic.

I'll share some more analytical support and arguments in favor of pay-walling based on my experiences when I have more time.

Have a good day.

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