Hierophant DAO - A Challenge Based Art Collective for Onboarding Steem Artists.

Evening Steemit --

TLDR: Please join up on my discord server Hierophant DAO, and offer some constructive criticisms if you have a minute, or your favorite educational resources.


I did my best to do some research and share with people what they would need to do in order to get ~1300 SP in a handful of weeks -- but I'm new to Steemit.

I recognize the value of the platform, and that it ought to be the foundation layer for this DAO -- since it's focused on helping artists earn a living for their work -- but some of the nuances aren't clear to me:


Maybe you can drop your favorite resources in the comments, or share something about "I wish I had known this when I started" -- and then I can pass those links along -- or you can just go to the Hierophant DAO Discord Server and share them yourself.

I've done what I can to link the research that I've found, as well as the main tags for artists, and all of the relevant discord servers where people can go to investigate and ask more questions. Though a lot of the articles I've found are from 2017, and the economic climate of Steemit is totally different right now.

I'm mostly just asking for someone to check my work, as it were.


A couple of days ago, I share around this article here, which was an alchemy of ideas that came by me through talking with [or watching] a couple of different community managers of different crypto projects -- mostly within Ethereum.

[District0x, Colony, Makeht now.

'm mo, Golem Project -- etc.]

I've also got experience using Patreon and Kickstarter to ear I shared around the last two years, and work as a freelancer / self-published writer / ghostwriter before that. So, I've got some things to share with people here that will help broaden some of your creative incomes.

I want to eventually invite you to come and do these challenges with me when the focus is not on Steemit -- but Steemit is Level 1.

It struck me that I can't really invite you to 'come to my challenge server to do the Steemit Challenge' of getting 1300 SP, cause that's kind of a minnow level of SP to aspire to compared to the established people on this platform.

But, if you could look over this 8 point list I put together and offer feedback orally invite Steemians to come and would integrate your feedback into the project and more effectively help steer new artists toward their first month on Steem.

Julia from Palnet
Georgeboya from CreativeCoin
and Midlet from Onchainart

Have all either stopped byt's a midback. Thank you.

I've also linked the Servers for Curie, C^2, CreativeCoin, PAL.

[Is there a chart for relative fish size to SP Balance somewhere?]

If you could loo resources for people to investigate. [am I missing some?]

I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything critical for 101 Onboarding Artists on Steemit.


For convenience sake, I'll just copy and paste the materials that I've aggregated here:

30 Days of Posting High Quality / Educational / Process / Creative Content on Steemit
1) Use https://steempeak.com front end.

2) Apply 10 Art / Business / Creative Related Tags on all of your work. Here are a fte.

[Am I az ing some useful or interesting Servers?]
jureativecoin art artzone drawing onchainart

3) To maximize your rewards use 100% Power Up. -- to take a slight loss on rewards, but maximize your immediate liquid returns, use 50/50 Power up.

[Note: In order to complete this level, you will need a balance of at least 100 Steem and 1300 Steem Power.]

This Calculator will help clarify Rewards Distribution:

4) Download and Install Steem Keychain Chrome Plugin:

[Is there a directory list that also shares a description of each one, because I had to poke around and guess based on the contents of what was shared in each tag.]

3) To ma-keychain/lkcjlnjfpbikmcmbachjpdbijejflpcm?hl=en

5) Upvote such that your Vote Mana remains at ~70% power, try to upvote posts that you an.

Thismagine you're getting rewarded for discovering them.

@midlet#5569 shared some insights which are screenshotted in #steemit-basics.

[I don't really understand this.]

6) GOAL: Stake 500 PAL on Palnet.io - This will qualify you for the 2020 airdrops.

By using the Palnet tag you will earn PAL on your posts. You can then stake this PAL, and qualify for the airdrops.

6) GOAL: Stake 1300 Steem Power dlet shaill give you a comfortable level of reted on the server.
d a bit of voting power.and this, cause it seems like the information I found while researching is outdated.]
) 100 STEEM [held in liquid form using 50/50 posting payouts for a time -- best to keep the majority of your Steem in 100% SP if you can. -- See Calculator Above.]

8) Screenshot your Steem Keychain plugin balance and link your page in #steemit-proof [don't share passwords or keys.]


My thoughts are that if the artists I outreach to see that it is worth while for them to participate, then they will feel motivated to integrate this into their regular practice. Steem will get more artists, and then those artists can use this as a platform for exploring other ways to make their creative projects more sustainable.

Thanks for reading through this.

I'll plug tage on server - [do again when I have completed my c.

If the artists that I solicit to join my server seelso using that update video to outreachticipate by proof of my challenge being completed -- then ther artists to join the challtegrate Steemit posting into th, I'll have my NFT challenge set up, and I can share that with you then as well.

[Would love to learn more about the NFT project I saw somewhere on here in the Steemit ecosystem.]


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