Erotic Master's Studies - Sketches to Digital Paintings.

The ink and charcoal sketches you saw yesterday were part of an exercise of mine where I was practicing using traditional tools and copying the artwork of famous dead erotic artists.

After I completed these exercises, I brought the traditional paintings into photoshop, and worked on digitally painting over the sketches to bring them closer to the paintings of the MASTERS~!!

Vargas - Masters Study:

I love how the skin's softness contrasts with the clunky folds of the fabric. In reflection, I also really love the original ink face study. It was a solid capture of the expression.

Gray - Masters Study:
This one was tricky because of the sheer fabric over the body. I love how coy these older artists were -- Or maybe it was a more conservative society. I'm not sure. Like the abs and the breasts are fair game, but cover up the bush. It's also funny that she is closing her eyes.

I painted this one and drew it a few times, cause I liked the composition of the elbows and hands a lot.

Schiele - Nude Woman Masters Study:
What a favorite. Blotchy red skin, and a heart shape in the lower abdomen. Interesting outlining to make things pop, and not bothering to finish drawing the whole figure.

Willis - Masters Study:
I really like her jugs. Nice blocky anatomy happened in this one.

Zichy - Masters Study: [NSFW]
This one's classy - Not all of the erotic art is so classy and explicit at the same time. Props to Zichy.

Lobel Riche - Masters Study:
This one is an example of a bit of failure - the abdomen and her body forms are great, but my initial painting of the face was problematic. I painted over it, and lost the bad drawing, but also the detail was not finished.

If you'd like to integrate this practice into your own studies, there's this art course that is on youtube for free right here:

Art Camp Week 1: Masters Studies by Noah Bradley

That guy's great, and that video there is a 2HR course that will help give you some information about how you can use famous dead artists to improve your skillz.

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Study always makes us better,lol. I liked the Vargas variations a lot:)

28.12.2019 11:38

Thanks. I did as well. It's kind of interesting to see them next to each other, cause the skill level is obviously lower, but also it's neat to try and find a simple way of making the shapes happen in a way that still looks good.

28.12.2019 11:45

I cannot say that level is lower because the style is different, more contemporary:)

28.12.2019 12:39

Rule Number One of the RULES OF POWER!

Never outshine the Master.

Thanks for the encouragement though.

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28.12.2019 15:42

"I really like her jugs. Nice blocky anatomy"

I really like that line - art critic meets youtube :)

!tip 1

28.12.2019 20:12

You're expanding my mind here about what can be done with a comment.

I need to be sharing more artwork when I leave comments.

Nice to meet you.

29.12.2019 04:23

YEAH! Let rip dude

29.12.2019 09:39

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Cool studies @rootdraws! So I noticed you used the Onchainart tag, but I just wanted to remind you that Communities work differently than tribes. If you want to post to a community you have to do your post on the beta.communities interface, go to the community and use the new post button. Otherwise it won't show up there. For all the tribes you can just use the tag.

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Thanks @midlet - Steampeak allows 10 tags. Doesn't that mean that its more effective than posting on other front ends, in terms of post exposure?

Also, could you help me understand how I can tell the difference between a tribe and a community?

Is neoxian a tribe or a community, for example.

Palnet - tribe or community.

Creative Coin?

29.12.2019 04:33

So a tribe is a product of They typically are going to have their own frontend(website) and their own token that you’re eligible to receive when you use their designated tag or tags. Palnet, Neoxian, and CreativeCoin are all tribes.
A Community is a new feature currently only available on the beta.steemit site, but will eventually be integrated into Steempeak and ESteem that allows for better content discovery and allows users to trend as a team vs as an individual. There’s a lot more features coming to communities, but that’s where things are now.
(edit) Also, steemit I think allows for 8 tags. If you want the two additional tags you can post on steemit then edit your post on steempeak. In all honesty though, additional tags, other than tribe tags are really not going to provide you much benefit here on Steem. I think posting in a Community is a far superior way to increase your reach.

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Thank you Midlet.

I'll have to do that, and simply use the Markdown Styling Guide here to make formatting a bit easier.

It is nice to have extra tags, in that it seems like they might extend outreach, but I think at a certain point, there aren't enough tags, and it gets repetitive, having the same posts coming up in art and artzone and drawing, when the people who would be interested in those posts are likely going to be all the same people.

Trending as a community sounds efficient.

Thanks for the response.

29.12.2019 10:26