Hello my steemy steemers! The steem-Man returns with a hardy helping of amazing cosplay at this years comic con. The con itself was not so good for me this my 15th year in a row. First off I did not get any of the pools for the exclusive merchandise or signings. That's a big fuck you. Also it was way oversold, Thursday felt like a Saturday. Crowded, Hot, muggy and nothing but walls of BO and farts. And these greedy bastard company's really held back on the freebies. Then I didn't get Patrick Stewart's autograph but that's a whole other story that I will tell next in my Picard museum story. Stay tuned my frosty steemers. Are you ready for some cosplay? Here it comes! Here comes the pain!


IMG_6574 (2).jpg

IMG_6520 (2).jpg

IMG_6571 (2).jpg

IMG_6579 (2).jpg

IMG_6573 (2).jpg

IMG_6581 (2).jpg

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IMG_6539 (2).jpg

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IMG_6569 (2).jpg

IMG_6373 (2).jpg

IMG_6374 (2).jpg

IMG_6376 (2).jpg

IMG_6379 (2).jpg

IMG_6375 (2).jpg

IMG_6395 (3).jpg
IMG_6381 (2).jpg

IMG_6381 (2).jpg

IMG_6389 (2).jpg

IMG_6396 (2).jpg

IMG_6398 (2).jpg

IMG_6399 (2).jpg

IMG_6400 (2).jpg

IMG_6401 (2).jpg

IMG_6402 (2).jpg

Thanks for joining me through this post show cosplay wrap up. Ill see you on the flipside, same bat time, same bat channel!

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Beaker and those Princess Leia’s are the best!

23.08.2019 22:47

The Leia’s were kinda drunk, it was funny.

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23.08.2019 22:54


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24.08.2019 00:55

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

26.08.2019 14:48

Love Darth Lexii in that last pic! Keep up the great work!

28.08.2019 07:46