Yesterday I sold all my TRONTOPIA SHARES, as you have read before I love the concept of TRONTOPIA SHARES and actually I still hold some of the tokens I earn "WHEN" I was receiving daily dividends and I talk in past tense because it has been over a week without any dividends due to low volume or users just winning over and over that they drain the pool and token holders get no dividends at all, this I find very odd but it could be the case that TRONTOPIA is that a fair casino that people win more than what they loose. In any case Im still holding my FRAG, BTT, TWX and SWG I have earn so far, FRAG doing better than the rest.


  Eventually I will start buying back my 35k TRONTOPIA SHARES with my profits from WINK Dice, TRONTOPIA announce that their UI and rewards system will change into staking, my post about it here; sournce here


  Currently price is not going anywhere so if Im patient will get the tokens I sold very soon and probably cheaper with current market conditions, ALTS DUMP INCOMING FYI; and I may even get more tokens than before. If you like the content please click on the first banner at the start of the article that helps or you can upvote this post at Good Luck, Thanks @tipUIf you would like to make a donation to help the site grow and keep it rolling, feel free at any of this wallets

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