2/11/20 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Down, S&P500-Up, Crypto-Down

We open with a look at the futures trading in the far east looking positive for stocks this morning and everything else down.....hmmmm, lets see, the virus is out-of-control, over 1000 sad deaths, inflation is spiking, the USSA yield curve inverting, the USD is at 98.78, supply chains breaking, bird flu, locusts in Africa, fear returning and people are self-quarantining.........But the FED adds 38Billion in the repo/ stock market.....................Stawks Are in RECORD TERRITORY.....BUY MOAR STAWK

Precious metals are down, USD is up. Oil is up slightly, West Texas over $50

Stawks are in Record Highs starting this morning....Fair value at -1.81, even moar juice to the futures number for the open.

Crypto is down, battling the 10K line for BTC. Steem at #78, over 20 cents, priced at $0.2019.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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