1/31/20 Trading Futures Update - PMs, S&P500, Crypt - ALL DOWN TODAY

We are a little late today as this is the start of my week-end, futures are down across the board. Stawks had a miraculous come-back yesterday, the Treasurer Secretary, touch of a button, poof, money created to buy the stawk market. Record Highs Baby....Buy Moor Stawk

Precious metals were headed higher, but pull back about the same time as stawks reversed and turned green, any coincidence???

Its window dressing, stawks will be higher today, a push to record highs, then next week will see a down market finally come to the world, the Corona Virus will go parabolic. Fair value is at -7.39, big boost to the futures number at the open but still negative at the moment. Of course, today's excuse is Tesla and Amazon.

Crypto is down, Steem at #79, priced at 0.1646

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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31.01.2020 10:05

And they keep printing, and printing....

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31.01.2020 15:24