1/23/20 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Flat, S&P-Flat, Crypto-Down

We move to taking a look at trading on this Thursday, we see more uncertainty regarding the worldwide virus affecting the travel industry. The trading day in the US started strong but faded as the day progressed, hearing more news of the virus spreading. The USD is flat, so we all wait for a news event to move these markets.

Precious metals were flat to positive and continue this morning. Palladium is king, breaking out to all-time highs.

S&P500 is treading water at these highs, RECORD HIGHs, people are distracted as the world and the economy is slowing to a drastic halt and slowing down. Most will ignore the warning, but each day, more economic warning are trending toward a slow-down, and this year. Repo market issues anyone. Fair value at 1.8, a negative to the futures value as printed.

Topping pattern forming in the S&P

Crypto is also fading, BTC failing since reaching 9k.....traders beware. Steem at #76, priced at $0.1667.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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