1/21/2020 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Up, S&P5-Down, Crypto-Up Virus Outbreak

We take a look at the futures market this morning, you may be surprised to see the stawk market down, actually effected by market conditions, not FED pumping. More on that later. The far-east markets, China & AsiaPac equity markets are down harder, as the Coronavirus Outbreak is spreading, now reported by Thailand, being spread by vacation travelers. Outbreak is spoken by the leaders of the different countries......virus break-out, just like in the movies. But my guess, the US markets will be even, sometime during the day as the FED WILL come to the rescue.

Precious metals are going up due to the risk-on pushing up the metals. Silver, gold, up 0.3%, USD down slightly, at 97.35.

Nice looking daily chart for silver.

S&P500 futures are trending down as the world markets are falling, due to my intro-topic. Fair value is +4.62, a big negative to the printed futures number, down about 20 S&P points.

See the slow roll, markets could see some downside-pressure, people will be screaming for the FED to jump in and save the market from a 1% drop.

Crypto is up, BTC holding in the mid-8ks. Steem up 9% this morning, up to #69.....priced at $0.1785.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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As predicted, they goosed the futures back to even and dumped the precious metals, especially silver

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21.01.2020 15:05