1/17/20 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Up, S&P500-Flat, Crypto-Up

Here is a short update as we open up trading in the far east absorbing the news of RECORD HIGHs for Stawks......Buy Moor

Precious metals are hanging in there as predicted, hitting lower resistance on lower volume. Today bouncing higher along with crypto this morning. The USD flat at 97.07, hanging on the mid-point where it has closed near for the last two months, talk about magic.

S&P500 is generally flat this morning, stawks rising for 8 days in a row, overextended, fib level at 1.618+++, including many individual stawks such as APPL & TESL. RECORD HIGHs BABY Fair value at 0.21, a flat to down indicator.

Crypto is up and away, BTC ready to break 9K. Steem at #80, priced at $0.1433

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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$2500 broken 🤩

17.01.2020 15:12

I’m buying more crypto 😃
Bitcoin Will beat Gold gains this next decade🥳

18.01.2020 12:24

Not a chance!

18.01.2020 12:44

Even Steem went up 25% today, but IMHO, the days of BTC doubling seems unlikely, but the way they are printing US Dollars, the price of Precious Metals will give Crypto a run for the Lead Dog in the Pack

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18.01.2020 15:02