1/16/20 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Up, S&P500-Up, Crypto-Down

We look at the market and futures trading on this Thursday morning, the markets are reacting to the China Trade signing yesterday, everything is wonderful.......Stawks make new RECORD HIGHs, Dow closes above 29,0000....Break out the 29K hats.........Buy MOOR STAWK

Precious metals had a good day yesterday, as the USD dropped solidly below 97, headed for 95 before we level off. This will allow the price of Gold, priced in US Fiat currency to reach its next resistance level around 1750.

Seems like Germany changed their accounting rules by drooping the reporting level of precious metals purchases at 2,000 Euros, instead of 10,000 as of January 1, 2020. Lines were around the block as German citizens waiting around the block, buying everything the dealers had.

The Germans are also wanting to implement 1,000 euro reporting, where Germans may not even be able to buy 1 ounce of gold without dealers being forced to turn in the masses. (i.e. International Storage)

S&P500, DOW, & Nasdaq, were all red and amazing, at 3:33 pm, 27 minutes before the close, all indexes shot to RECORD HIGHs.
Long Live Stawks

Crypto, giving up some of the gains, look for a consolidation here. Steem at #79, priced below 14 cents at $0.1386.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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Dude!!!!! Palladium 3EBB6C24-8872-4D0D-BB54-497BFD050D05.jpeg

This is crazy

16.01.2020 11:33

Well this looks like a S&P chart. Unfortunately, parabolic on both accounts. Even Platinum chart looks awsome

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16.01.2020 14:08