1/15/20 trading Futures Update - PMs-Up, S&P500-Down, Crypto-Up

We look at this market early on Wednesday morning as the markets open in the Far East & Japan. For the first time in who know when, the stawk markets are the only ones down. Amazing, as we hit the mod-point of the first trading month of January. Precious metals bounced nicely of the lows, the USD headed down after bumping into upper resistance.

Precious metals are up this morning, healthy recovery of this series of lows. Looks like the far east and China may be buying, selling the news of the China Deal Signing. USD at 97.11, a drop from 97.34.

S&P500 is selling off. No news for the moment, but a reverse yesterday of touching RECORD HIGHs once again. The records continue until it doesn't. Fair value at -4.35, making the futures look worse than it really is. A positive to the open.

Crypto and BTC is on a tear since the bottom of 6400, now attacking 9k, BTC could be headed to 9900, before the first meaningful pull-back. BTC dominance drops to 65.8 from 68 and the total marketcap up to 242 billion. Look at these crazy bumps, Bitcoin SV up 99%. Steem at #80, up 11%.....Priced at 14 cents @ $0.1448.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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