1/10/20 Trading Futures Market - PMs-Down, S&P500-Up, Crypto-Down

We review the trading futures as the far east awakes to another crack-up BOOM stawks market. Liquidity is everywhere with this FED induced sugar high, the market has No Fear...........Buy moor stawk.

Precious metals are falling on lower volume looking for a floor as we enter Friday trading which is never good for metals. I see a down day, we await geopolitical news, attacks, Trump tweets, we see what the futures markets look like on Sunday night. A great NFL, chicken wing eating week-end, a blizzard and cold air invaded the Mid-West. Stay warm and huddle with your metals. USD is testing upper support, priced at 97.13, unbelievable, right at a resistance level, an area which has closed near 4 out of the last 5 weeks. Chart for the metals looks good, the previous upper resistance could be the new floor.

S&P500, just buy until it doesn't work anymore. Fair value at -0.75, another boost to the open. Looks like a blow off top to me, but we never had a FED backing stawks like this before. RECOR HIGH AFTER RECORD HIGH...... BREAK OUT THE 29,000 HATS TODAY IN THE DOW.

Crypto is down, following the metals as the risk to the market from two days ago going risk-off. Steem stuck at #81, priced down at 40.1205, BARELY HOLDING 12 CENTS.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

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