Steemfest4 final day


So that’s it, final day. It started with diy boat trip, then we chilled out at the pool in wait of diner cruise 🚢




Diner was cool with a live music, lots of emotions, tasty food, stunning views and lots of words of love for the organization team)

Karaoke session was started by Wonderwall - Oasis by me lol) 😂😂

Then the final drinks at the presidential apartments on the 24 floor right almost at the top of the world


Once again I would like to thank you all for sharing those days together in BKK this week! Steem is top and Steemians are the best!



Ps had an issue with all the Steemians I scanned via the app, all of them disappeared, so I will follow everyone back and for sure will follow everyone I remember in a few days.

Pps Had lots of videos so going to upload them to the Dtube or even 3speak later on this week

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12.11.2019 01:06

Didn't manage to scan and a wefie with you. Glad you enjoyed the whole event.

Those wall murel are amazing, isn't it???

Hopefully I will be able to attend again for SF 5

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12.11.2019 10:44

it was awesome! all my scans gone btw(

12.11.2019 20:46

Вау, круто!

13.11.2019 15:41