SF is over | my thoughts | @anomadsoul contest kinda post)

Another fine reason to write about the good stuff! This post goes into the contest made by @anomadsoul diluted with some pictures I made during the trip from day one with my comments.

Pre SF era

@gegnua on the phone, he says that it's the final day of presale of the tickets, so we can buy them for the cheapest price. To Bangkok? Really? I have never been that far... But it was 3 months before the date so I was like, ok, buying tickets doesn't mean we should go right?))

on August 31 we were sitting and buying the tickets on the plane, to BKK at that moment the picture started to get its shape.

While working on @cryptobrewmaster idea and mechanics (to be honest we still working on the mechanics, you can develop your ideas forever) we decided to shoot the video teaser, you could see it before my presentation, if not, here's the link once again:


So it was 2 minutes worth 15 hours of filming in 4 different locations and over 1 month of negotiations with an adv company turned that way, and our aim to show it during presentation become an obsession.

As you could know from my previous SF blogs, we missed damn plane from Dubai to BKK on our way to SF4, so we were tired, and in a shitty mood thanks to that extra 6 hours of waiting @ Dubai.

"The late" team - who didn't make it to BKK from the first attempt)

Bright and neutral mode morning @ Dubai... after 6 hours of waiting we finally moving...

Bangkok Airport Express Token


me and @gengua ready for our opening night drinks)

At this I was a bit shy, feeling uncomfortable, while seeing everyone is talking to each other like the best friends, as people who know each other for ages. I was really scared at that moment. I'm newbie, I'm the first time at this kind of events, I even didn't know about blockchain technology before march 19) Will I find a people to talk, will it be fun after all? Then I saw @detlev talking to @aggroed, I came, said hi. They were not that busy, so we talked a bit and after that my evening turned into a huge chain of new nice and very comfortable people passing by and having fun)

We finished that night having some food with @lizanomadsoul @gengua and @dmitrydao having illegally bought beers and some ofc street food somewhere near the Prince Palace Hotel.

wtf is going on around me?))

36 hours no sleep, wtf am I?)

Why not getting some clothes at 3 am?

In case you want some food at 3 am, np at all in Bangkok)

The next days were a perfect illustration of what the health community has to look like. I've met lots of open-minded people from different countries doing different stuff for living and participating in STEEM life in different ways. Some were writers, bloggers, gamers, and some were developers, business-minded people, but all of them were with that touch of desire, belief, self-confidence and those eyes that were burning...

I was impressed.

I've made it to the SF4, the idea was to attend a place where I could meet new people and maybe get the right answers, but I find a place with the best networking with the best community that stands together for one word - STEEM and one philosophy - No Borders, No Limits. That's how I get it. It was awesome guys! It made me a different person after all)

Thank you all for those days)

The key idea for me is in community building and onboarding new people while developing @cryptobrewmaster game. I already have a few newcomers! Stay tuned. Those are rock) We have 2 infect 'em all) (c) @buttcoins

@gengua @rollie1212 tired after 1 night out)) few to go) lol)

calling all the SF4 attendants @fitinfun ty for the list

my SF4 app dead, and I've lost everybody I have scanned, just a reminder for those who I was talking to and haven't added(
























More to come

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I am glad you truly found a lot out from SF4, and please feel free to ask all about community building and I am very sure all the community builders here will be more than happy to assist you!
Do check out more of one of my sharing in community centered account Why Communities Local Support is Important for STEEM to Thrive

Fire off all the questions you need!

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Thanks, dear! I will check out a bit later)
Loots of work(

21.11.2019 12:25

haha no worries. I am still rushing things here too, and it is almost 9pm!

21.11.2019 12:34

Nice to have met you at the Fest. Look forward to the next year Fest and more people joining in.

24.11.2019 15:07

It was such a pleasure to meet ... can't wait for the game to come out ... having a beer right now in your owner :)

25.11.2019 18:15

!tip nice meeting u as well, how's the OSMO videos doing btw?

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