Road to Bangkok | we missed our flight ✈️ my fear is alive...

Yes we do missed our flight. That’s insane, for years of traveling I never been in such an absurd situation... I still saying myself that it was only one flight to Bangkok in those departure window.

The thing is that our flight was announced on the display as a flight to Hong Kong and then to Bangkok, and each time we were looking at the display it was that only one flight to BKK at 3:30.

The flight we missed hhxepdmm6u.jpg

Dubai is a silent airport and 5 transit passengers were thinking the same.

Anyway we were obliged to pay the fee to be sure to get on plane at least at 9:30 in the morning (Dubai time and to land in BKK finally at 6:45

Wish We would better buy Steem for 910 USD we payed for the tickets 🎫

Our new flight

The picture of 2 losers who bought tickets and 2 lady losers who is still on thhe short lis.


We gonna make it anyway!

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