Steemfest4: Last night @BKK by rollie1212

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Here's some report from the best event of 2019 I've been to!

24th floor, president suite and best people on the earth all together at one place!
It was so damn hard to wake up, but that hangover worth it!

Cheers all

@fitinfun ty for the list
my SF4 app dead, and I've lost everybody I have scanned, just a reminder for those who I was talking to and haven't added(
























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I am really hoping that SF5 would be somewhere I can afford to go; otherwise I would be there in spirit with you all.

11.12.2019 12:07

i believe i'll go anywhere))

11.12.2019 12:40

Hehe, same here! I've gotten into debt to get to this one, and will do the same for the next if I have to.

15.12.2019 18:44


sounds awesome!

15.12.2019 19:00

Thanks for the tip and the beer. Hopefully, in less than 11 months it will be a real one :)

15.12.2019 20:22

View or trade BEER.

Hey @misslasvegas, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

15.12.2019 19:00
15.12.2019 19:00

Same. Bangkok put a nice sized dent in my pocketbook. I heard it may be in Mexico next year. That would be easier for me at least.

11.12.2019 13:40

We'll just all have to rent one big house to share ;)

15.12.2019 18:45

Nice video. I could live in that suite lol. No problem. I hadn't even discovered all those rooms, so it's nice to see them here.

15.12.2019 20:24

Nice. Hope to make it next year.

28.12.2019 03:05