Compilation of Achievements 1-6: Completed by @rokibulsanto || 08-06-2021

Hello Steemians,
Today I am very happy and gladly announce that I've completed to my all acheivement post in "Newcommer's Program". Specially thanks to @cryptokannon who created this wonderful program for the Newcommer's and I am also thankful to @psicoparedes , @boss75 , @aniqamashkoor who are verified my all achievement post.

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In this post, I'm compiling all of my achievement posts steep by steep. You will find a hyperlink to all of my tasks below. Let's Start

Achievement 1 Task: Verification Through Introduction

This was my first introduction post for this awesome platfrom Steemit. To starting something at any platfrom , I think it's very helpful and best idea to introduce Ourselves. It's very necessary to make friends and also gives feedback and votes inspire me to put more effort into making my post even better.



Achievement 2 Task: Basic Security on Steem

When I create account in, the authority of this platform gave my several keys. At first I am very frustrated and confess to this keys . But when I working on my 2nd post , I understand the each key's work.

click here to check out my post on
Basic Secutity On Steem

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Achievement 3 Task : Content Etiquette

To working in my 3rd achievement post I have learned about an interesting things which is Plagiarism. In Steemit "Plagiarism" is strickly prohibited and punishable.

Click here to see post on
Content Etiquette

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Achievement 4 Task: Applying Markdown

This achievement task is very easy for me because I'm a web Developer. This achievement content is Applying Markdowns which based on HTML code . I really enjoy to finish this Achievement task 4 .

Click here to see the post on
Applying Markdowns

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Achievement 5 Tasks

🔸Achievement 5 Task 1: Review

In this task I introduce a new steemit based website, I came to know about the portal and its functionality.

Click here to see post


🔸Achievement 5 Task 2: Review

In this task I've come to know about the portal and its features. This is a very resourceful portal where we can find all the transactions that take place on the steemit of all users.

Click here to see post


🔸Achievement 5 Task 3: Review


I have come to know about the portal and its functionality.

Click here to see post


🔸Achievement 5 Task 4: Review


SteemDB is the home page of the Accounts, Posts, Witnesses, & Labs tabs. This portal will allow us to review recent history, various activities such as posts, votes, reblogs, replies, rewards, transfers of information.

Click here to see the post


Achievement 6 Task: Understanding Curation and Community

This task is also important that we can learn about curation and community of steemit. In this tasks we learn about many functions, allocation of rewards, calculation of rewards, the value of post-published time, witnesses, and how to vote them.

Click here to see the post on
Understanding Curation and Community


This is my post of Compilation of Achievement (1 to 6 ). Thank you for your time

Requesting your attention- @cryptokannon , @tarpan

Best Regards


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Hi @rokibulsanto, congratulations on your successful completion of all your achievement tasks. You are now a pro newcomer verified. Continue to soar higher in steemit platform. Best wishes to you!

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08.06.2021 11:20

Hi @ngoenyi - you might want to show @rokibulsanto how to claim post rewards. It looks like he has never actually claimed any...


08.06.2021 12:29

Alright sir. I will try to reach him

08.06.2021 13:09

Thank you so much @steemcurator01 sir for requesting me and supporting me . Thanks a lot 💖💕❤. Today I am very happy cz finally I got rewards and vote which is given by you . Take love from my soul sir . Now I am motivated to post regularly and I become an active user in this awesome platfrom . Thank you again . 😍

08.06.2021 17:42

Thank you so much @ngoenyi maam for supporting me . Thanks a lot from my heart . 😍❤

08.06.2021 17:37

Congratulations @rokibulsanto on completing all your achievement tasks.

08.06.2021 12:30

This is really a complete summary, I myself didn't think to summarize my achievements completely

08.06.2021 12:35

Thank you brother @sofian88

08.06.2021 17:43

Hi @rokibulsanto congrats on completing all your achievements' task. We noticed that you didn't claimed any of your reward yet. You may refer to this post on how to do that How do I claim rewards in Steemit-- (Manually and Auto-Claim)?

08.06.2021 12:54

Thank you so much ma'am @criptokannon for stepping in

08.06.2021 13:11

@ngoenyi 😍❤💕💖

08.06.2021 17:59

Hy Respected mam @cryptokannon and @ngoenyi this Steemit fellow has been verified within few hours that's too good but what's my fault ????
I have been waiting from since 13 days, I haven't got verified ??? I have mentioned my PAKISTANi greeters but no one responded ???
Kindly here is link of my Compilation of all 6 Achivements
Please check it

08.06.2021 17:06

Thank you so much @cryptokannon ma'am for getting rewards and voting my post. Thank you soooooo much .💖❤💕😍 . Today I am very happy cz finally I got rewards . Take love from my heart 😊❤

08.06.2021 17:51

Hi @rokibulsanto, you will need to follow the instructions on the link that has been sent to you by @cryptokannon to be able to claim your rewards. Or you can simply login to your wallet and claim them from there as the notification will pop-up so you can redeem. Congratulations once more on your successful completion of your Achievement posts. Steem on

08.06.2021 13:15

Thank you ma'am @ngoenyi . I try my best to follow the instructions which has been send by @cryptokannon ma'am . ❤

08.06.2021 17:57

Saludos a la comunidad de Steemit y felicidades para rokibulsanto por esos logros, wuaoooo tienes una gran habilidad con la tecnología.

08.06.2021 16:28

Thank you so much my steemit friends and honorable modarator in Steemit Community who gives their valuable votes and feedback for supporting me ❤💖💕

08.06.2021 18:02

Felicidades amigo. Muy bien. Logrado. Saludos. 😃

08.06.2021 20:05

Espero llegar a completar todos los logros como tu!! que bonito eres inspiración!!!

09.06.2021 01:47

You have the creativeness and determined to achieve your goal d. I hope you feel proud today and confident in your ability to rise to your next challenge. How I wish I do the same. Keep it up! Two thumbs up!

09.06.2021 02:41

Thank you so much @giane ❤😍

09.06.2021 07:11

Congratulations on your Achievement.🏆️

09.06.2021 03:38

Thank you @dilchamo 😊💕

09.06.2021 07:12

Congratulation for completing for achievements.

09.06.2021 04:31

Thanks brother

09.06.2021 07:12

Congratulations to you on this great achievement. I'm very happy, because this post has made me a little more understanding to make every 5.2 achievement that I haven't finished yet. this can be an example for other steemian friends to complete their achievements.
Thank you very much!😇

09.06.2021 04:51

you are most welcome @liasteem and also Thank you for congratulate me 😊❤

09.06.2021 07:14

Congratulations ! @rokibulsanto.

09.06.2021 06:18

Thank you so much @arcturus7777

09.06.2021 07:15

This beautiful.

09.06.2021 11:21

Thank you @iykewatch

09.06.2021 17:46

Congratulations @rokibulsnto for the job well done 😊
Hopefully, I can make it too.

09.06.2021 11:22

Thank you @rfprincess for congratulate me and I wish you also make it. all the best . keep steeming 😍

09.06.2021 17:47

¡Me gustó tu post hermano! Ya espero el día en yo pueda completar mis 6 logros

09.06.2021 14:01

Felicitaciones amigo @rokibulsanto eres ejemplo de constancia y perseverancia. /Congratulations friend @rokibulsanto you are example of perseverance and perseverance

09.06.2021 16:42

Thank you @migueily2408 😍

10.06.2021 16:37

Congratulations @rokibulsanto on completing all your achievement tasks. Wish you a great journey ahead!!

09.06.2021 19:27

Thank you so much @damithudaya 😍

10.06.2021 16:37

It’s looking very interesting. Congratulations brother ❤️❤️

10.06.2021 11:06

Thank you brother @saifkhan1 😍

10.06.2021 16:38

A very nice compilation

10.06.2021 15:38

Thank you brother @emmanuel-malume 😍

10.06.2021 16:39

your post is very nice and you work very hard .

11.06.2021 08:00

Felicidades por completar tus logros amigo @rokibulsanto

11.06.2021 13:11